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Benefits of College Visits

Melody Yang, Staff Writer

Today, most colleges allow high school students to tour their campus and gain firsthand experience about life at that school. These visits have many benefits and can help students decide what college they want to attend.

Visiting a college allows you to gain a firsthand view of what the college is like, and gives you an idea of whether or not you’ll enjoy your time there. A tour around the campus can let you see all aspects of that school, from dorms to dining halls. The environment can also help you decide whether or not to apply or attend a college. Some people are attracted to the busy vibe of New York City, while others prefer a more peaceful atmosphere. It is important to experience the surrounding area in order to see if it has what you want. Whether it’s the campus itself or the area it’s in, encountering the atmosphere of the entire area for yourself can greatly influence your interest in a certain school.

Another huge benefit of college visits is the information you gain from them. Valuable information  is readily available throughout campuses in the form of brochures and posters. Details on clubs and events can give you an idea of the activities and opportunities that are offered. AHS alumna Pearl Yang, who went on a college visit at Smith College in Massachusetts, also believes that is crucial to visit the school in person “because there’s only so much you can garner from online resources and other people’s experiences.” During a visit, try checking out the student newspaper or bulletin boards around the campus to get an idea of what that school has to offer.

During a college visit, taking a campus tour is highly recommended, as many schools offer this service. Tour guides, who are often current students on campus, are able to answer specific questions and provide you their opinion and perspective on the school. Visiting a college also gives you the opportunity to talk with faculty and admission officers, who are also key figures in answering your specific questions. Speaking with all different kinds of people on a college campus can give you personalized guidance and anecdotes from varying perspectives; these will allow you to understand a college in more depth and can influence your final college choice. Looking back on her college visit, Yang expressed, “it was instrumental in helping me decide whether or not to go there.”

Ultimately, the decision of what college to attend is yours to make. However, college visits can greatly influence that decision. By touring a college, you receive priceless insight that can’t be gained without visiting the campus in person. In the end, choosing a college is all about finding the right fit, and visits help you do just that.

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Benefits of College Visits