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Buffet Hacks

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Buffet Hacks

Jocelyn Chin, Staff Writer

I love all-you-can eat buffets! They are of good value and usually have good food. But I never have enough space in my stomach to eat what I want. I know that a lot of other people also struggle with this problem when they go to buffets. If you want to know how to eat ‘til you burst at buffets, then this article is for you!

  1. Pre-Buffet
    • Before you go to a buffet, make sure that you eat. It seems sensible to not eat before going to a buffet to save space in your stomach for later, but it actually backfires. Your stomach actually gets smaller so you can’t eat as much. Also, you will most likely want to eat all of the junk food first on an empty stomach. It’s much harder to have restraint when you’re very hungry compared to being slightly hungry. Have light snacks before you go to a buffet to prevent starvation.
  2. Small Portions
    • At a buffet, don’t take huge portions of food. Not all of the entrees served will taste as good as they look. There’s a chance you might not like what you’re eating. Some buffets have the policy where you have to pay extra if you leave food on your plate after leaving to prevent waste. If you get a huge portion of something you don’t like, then you’ll have to eat all of that food and put yourself through misery.
  3. .Special Food
    • Always get the food that you wouldn’t normally have. It’s a waste of money to go to a buffet and eat something you could eat on the daily.Go for the most expensive item at the buffet. That way, you can make the most out of your money (and expensive food is usually pretty good!).
  4. Overeating
    • Yes, it’s difficult to overcome the temptations of overeating, but overeating will only make you suffer. Try to eat slowly. Take breaks in between your eating. You aren’t obligated to eat all the food at a buffet. Speaking from experience, if you overeat, chances are that you’re going to feel really sick and have the overwhelming desire to throw up all of the food you just ate.

Hopefully these buffet “hacks” will help you out the next time you go to a buffet!

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Buffet Hacks