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Latte Art in LA

Oishika Chattopadhyay, Staff Writer

A popular  trend with morning coffee has been latte art. Latte art is the barista’s sketching skills put to the test. Customers can order customized pictures that will be drawn into their lattes using foam. Some shops even offer to “print” customers’ faces onto the lattes! There are multiple latte art places in LA, from Melrose Ave. all the way to Bel Air, since this new fascination has been taking the streets of LA by storm.

Latte art itself can be a barista’s way of expressing him or herself through art. Some of the most intricate latte art resides in the Alchemist Coffee Project. The Alchemist Coffee Project is a trendy cafe on S. Vermont Avenue in LA and has multiple designs, such as the classic leaf pattern. Many people say that if you want the perfect latte for Instagram, the Alchemist Coffee Project is the place to go. Though this cafe specializes in that classic latte look, they also do other small, cute images such as hearts and animals. Sometimes, if requested, the barista might even draw an animated character!

Small designs find beauty in intricacy, but Carrera Cafe can print pretty much whatever the customer asks for onto their lattes— from quotes to pictures of themselves, and even memes! Whatever the customer asks for can be made. Carrera Cafe, which is on the corner of Melrose and Harper in LA, laser prints their designs onto the foam, meaning they can print whatever one desires. This cafe actually has an Instagram account, and a mural, which is called the “Hello Wall” in West Hollywood! The cafe features pictures of customers and their lattes, which have quotes, pictures of themselves, and even puns on them.

The final latte art place is pretty unique, and not really in LA. It’s a 3D art cafe, in San Gabriel. Love to Go is on S. Mission Drive and creates 3D images onto lattes. When buying the latte, you can choose between getting it in a standard latte cup or a little ice cream cone! Their art is usually a bear, the most popular being a bear in an ice cream cone. It’s even possible to get a Love to Go latte in Arcadia! Love to Go sets up a booth at the 626 Night Market, and this year, they’ve set up at booth E26.

Latte art is brand new and ready to impress! With places all over LA, there’s something unique for everyone. From Instagram-worthy pictures to 3D art, there are different latte art cafes swarming LA, full of individuality and the art of expression.

Photo courtesy of NESPRESSO.COM

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