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What is the Hype with Glossier?

Iris Lim, Staff Writer

On many social media platforms, a company by the name of Glossier has been popping up everywhere. Glossier products have been all over my Instagram explore page, in many Youtube Influencer’s videos, and in many Facebook ads, but what is the hype with Glossier?  It sells a variety of hygiene products, makeup, and skincare products, but is it even any good? Today, I will be focusing on what Glossier represents, sells, and how Glossier became a “trend”.

To start, we should probably know what Glossier sells. As mentioned before, Glossier sells a variety of hygiene products, makeup, and skincare. Their most popular hygiene product is the “Body Hero Daily Oil Wash” which is a hydrating and cleansing oil wash. Their most popular skincare products include the “Balm Dotcom”, “Milky Jelly Cleanser”, and the “Invisible Shield”. The “Balm Dotcom” is a lightweight moisturizing lip balm, while the “Milky Jelly Cleanser” is a lightweight and pore cleansing facial wash. Last but certainly not least, the “Invisible Shield” is a lightweight and clear SPF. Our next category is makeup. Glossier’s most popular makeup product, or product in general, is their lip gloss. The supposedly lightweight, moisturizing, and shiny product has been all the rage. The common idea here: lightweight.

Now that we know what Glossier sells, what is Glossier? Glossier is a beauty company that realized just how many consumers were being fed false information in order to sell products. Because of this, CEO Emily Weiss realized that there has to be a change. With her company she believed in “skin first”, thus having products that are “lightweight”. Her company revolves around the idea that skin comes first and makeup comes second. Their makeup is known to almost be like skincaremoisturizing, light, and soothing. Another belief of Glossier is that the customer is the “beauty editor”, allowing people to be “researching, re-choosing, reviewing, and recommending those products to people they know and strangers on the internet. ” This ideal has actually supported Glossier and really hyped the company up.

This jumps to how Glossier became the trend. Glossier, as previously mentioned, believes that all consumers are beauty influencers, thus sponsoring many beauty “micro-influencers” (influencers with less than 100k supporters). With these “micro-influencers” everywhere on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and even on Snapchat, Glossier slowly became one step closer to becoming a trend. Personally, I believe what made them a trend is marketing. Not only have different types of influencers, from 1,000 to 1 million subscribers but having amazing marketing. They marketed their brand as something new and never before done, thus making consumers curious and ready to spend. Another extremely smart marketing tactic is their stores. With only three stores in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, they made these stores “Instagram famous” and extremely aesthetic. These three stores had picture perfect Instagram pictures curating the most aesthetic posts that you’ll find.

In conclusion, Glossier started from an idea and slowly marketed themselves into a revolution.

Photo courtesy of MAKEUPDEPOTPH.COM

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What is the Hype with Glossier?