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Four Things I Regret Doing

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Four Things I Regret Doing

Jasmine Oang, Staff Writer

No, I haven’t done anything illegal, nor do I have some crazy, bad-girl stories, but everyone has regrets. Okay, although I do regret leaving my homework at home or not bringing more snacks to munch on sometimes, these aren’t the regrets I’m going to be sharing. These regrets have taught me lessons other than packing my snacks the night before…

Not saying “Hi” to people in the halls

We’ve all been there: you see someone you had a class with last year but haven’t talked to since, or it’s your middle school friend that you drifted away from and you’re unsure of whether you should say “Hi” or even wave. You wait for them to make the first move, not thinking that they may be thinking the same thing, so you both look down at the ground and try not to awkwardly pass each other. Well, maybe if I said “Hi”, waved, or even smiled, life would be a lot less awkward. From personal experience, being greeted by someone makes the school day less mechanical and more engaging and well, why did I wait for someone to make the first move?

Jumping into the social media game too early

Oh yes, twelve-year-old me with classic bangs and the basic Hollister and Abercrombie logo tees discovered Facebook and not soon after, Instagram. Admittedly, I posted cringe-worthy selfies, flashed peace signs, and commented heart eye emojis on everyone’s posts. I participated in the pointless contest of “Who has more Facebook Friends and more Instagram Followers? Who has the most likes? Oh my gosh, she’s following more than she has following her?!” I wish I waited until later to be exposed to the toxic environment of social media, but at least I discovered a passion for photography!

Being satisfied with my education early on

Do you remember those Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) tests that scored your reading ability based on some multiple choice questions? The SRI was basically the reading section of the SAT, but for little kids. Well in the second grade, arrogant little me scored high enough to be equivalent to the reading level of an average high school senior (or so it said…). After that, I decided reading was no longer necessary, (I definitely did not understand the difference between average and Arcadia then) and devoted my time to watching Hannah Montana and The Wizards of Waverly Place. Boy, do I regret doing that. I loved reading historical fiction (I still do) and honestly, if I never stopped, I’d probably be a history nerd but, that decision set me up for my social media regret instead.

Saying I regret doing these things

Yes, these regrets are easy to roll your eyes at. Maybe I haven’t started waving to everyone in the hallways, but I’m working on it. And, I still do love browsing through social media and devoting some of my time to watching TV instead of reading. But, I’m working on it, and I pleasure read two books this summer (I pleasure read none last summer, okay). But, if I never did or regretted these things or even realized my regrets over these things, what kind of person would I be? Would I still be the quirky girl that still lives by Hannah Montana’s “Nobody’s Perfect” and would I have the same interests and friends now? I don’t think so.


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Four Things I Regret Doing