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How to Avoid Obsessing

Chuanchun Ella Tang, Staff Writer

Tests and quizzes are common at AHS. Sometimes, students may get up to five tests in a day. Most of us always check our papers before we turn them in because we know that not reviewing possible errors may lead to even worse things. Having small errors may ruin a big project. Having small mistakes may lower the total grade. At the same time, many of us also have questions and concerns about how can we check our paper correctly before we hand it in to our teacher.

Nonetheless, we worry more about just getting errors on tests and quizzes because of how it will affect our grades. Therefore, checking our work beforehand is very important. We should check our paperwork at least twice before we hand it in. Even if it’s is only a draft, we still need to check at least twice for grammar and other issues. For instance, if there’s a writing assignment that is required to be in MLA format, we should check more than twice for any format errors before handing it in. The first check should be for grammar and punctuation issues, while the second check should be on central ideas and how the writing is developed around them. The third check should be for formatting issues. We can also exchange papers and let people around help us check our works. Freshman Hayato Sugiyama suggested that we can “ask someone else to do [the checking]. Like review it, and switch papers.” In addition, we should check it a few more times just to make sure that there is almost no error to be found.

Just as we should check our work multiple times before turning it in, we should also do the same for quizzes and tests. For example, check every test if there is time left before the end of the class. Try to review each question at least once so that the answer will not only be the result of quick decision-making.  When asked how she revises her work, freshman Lindsey Fuerte simply replied, “How do I check the questions? I read over it.”

Moreover, we should always try to at least do the hard problems twice just to make sure that the answer is correct. Unless you’re sure that you will automatically get 100% on the exam, which nearly never happens, you will always need to check your answers. Checking the answers is very important because no one will know when they will make a mistake and how that mistake will affect them in the future.

In conclusion, we should always check our work. We should check our papers for errors and scan our tests for careless mistakes. However, don’t check it over and over again with the same method. For essays, just check them once for grammar, once for punctuation, and once for other mistakes. For tests and quizzes, just do all the problems twice if there’s enough time. Change your method of checking for different assignments. Avoid obsessing and stop worrying, just check your work before you turn it in. It helps way more than just thinking about getting a bad grade.

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How to Avoid Obsessing