Scary Movies 2018


Gavin Do, Staff Writer

With Halloween around the corner, new movies have been popping up left and right, specifically, horror movies. Scary movies get us all into the spooky mood and prepped for the season to come. In this article, I will be listing a couple of the big hits that will be coming to screens near you.

Hell Fest Sept. 28

Hell Fest is a horror-themed amusement park that is held around Halloween time. On Halloween night, a group of three girls and their boyfriends attend this attraction. The history with this park is that there is a killer in the park that uses this attraction to kill people. This movie shows how the group of six encounters the masked serial killer and goes through his series of games that end with people dying.

Venom Oct. 5

Venom is a highly anticipated movie from Marvel. The movie centers around Eddie Brock, a journalist who is determined to take down a great scientist, Carlton Drake. When Brock goes to examine Drake’s work, he is morphed into Venom by one of his aliens―which gave him super strength and extraterrestrial powers. This movie shows how Brock uses this new power and how it brings him through good and bad situations.

Apostle Oct. 12

This movie will be coming out on Netflix. This movie is about Thomas Richardson who travels to a remote island to save his sister. His sister has been kidnapped by a religious cult and is demanding a ransom for her. This movie follows how Richardson soon find out truths about this cult and discovers secrets that have been kept.

Halloween Oct. 19

This story is the following sequel to the first Halloween. This movie continues with Michael Myers and how he was locked up in an institution for attacking Laurie Strode, another victim. He has managed to escape it and from there he makes his way back into Strode’s life and plans to kill her.

Overlord Nov. 9

Overlord is a war horror film that begins on the eve of D-day. This movie shows how these paratroopers are taken down by enemy planes and are forced to take down the Nazis with a different strategy. They face encounters where they not only need to kill all the Nazi soldiers but also take down these creatures that were a result of a Nazi experiment.

Within the next month, these movies, alongside others, will be coming to theaters and media providers like Netflix. These movies, without a doubt, will not fail to give us a good scare, so don’t forget to catch them while they are still hot.

Graphic courtesy of VECTORSTOCK