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Costumes: Wear or Tear?

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Costumes: Wear or Tear?

Anya Yang, Staff Writer

As a child, wearing costumes was a Halloween essential. Whether it was a last-minute Disney character hastily grabbed from Party City, a homemade outfit, or a matching set, costumes were important! However, as the years pass, certain traditions die out. Wearing costumes may seem childish and expensive, and there’s probably no real purpose in sporting them rather than a few pictures.

Sophomore Ethan Truong agreed with the above statement. “I’m not wearing a costume this year because none of my friends are,” he explained. “We’re not going anywhere, so there’s no real purpose to wearing one! I think people only wear costumes if they’re going places with friends or taking photos. I did use to wear them in elementary and middle school, though.”

Freshman Ava Woo also mentioned events requiring costumes. “My volunteer program is doing a Halloween thing this year, so I kind of have to wear a costume. I’ll just be reusing a simple outfit from last year,” she said. “It’s a green sweater with white pipe cleaners and pink flowers– a cactus! I don’t really like purchasing new costumes because I feel like I’ll never wear them again.”

Similar to Ava’s situation, junior Warren Oetojo stated that being in ASB requires a costume. “It shows school spirit, so I wear one! I’m not sure what I’ll be this year.”

Freshman Zoe Bui explained that she doesn’t wear costumes much, so she wouldn’t be participating this year. “I remember wearing lots of costumes throughout middle school, but honestly, I’m a little busy now,” she said. “I might just wear an old one if my friends want to take photos, but other than that, I probably won’t be.”

It’s quite apparent that costumes aren’t worn as frequently as they were back in elementary and middle school. Before, the best part of fall was getting into Halloween gear and happily acquiring sugary candy! Cavities and costumes went hand in hand. Freshman Kyrene Tam used this analogy to compare previous Halloweens. “I used to only dress up because I wanted candy,” she laughed. “Now, I just don’t think that it’s worth buying a whole costume just to guilt some adults into giving me candy.”

So, will you be wearing a costume this year? The opportunity to explore a fun identity or show off your creative side needs to be weighed against your distaste in supporting costly commercialization or adding another never-to-be-worn-again ensemble into your overflowing wardrobe. Whatever you choose, just remember that fall is more than just a costume. Happy Halloween!

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Costumes: Wear or Tear?