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World’s Tiniest Things

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World’s Tiniest Things

Caitlin Wang, Staff Writer

Things that stand out in most scenarios tend to be quite large, which explains why objects on the smaller side are less recognizable and fade out more easily. It’s surprising just how small some things can be in this world. Here are some objects and animals that you may have never known existed that happen to be the smallest in the world.

  1. Tiny Teapot: The smallest teapot in the world was created by 73-year-old, Wu Reishen, a Chinese expert in pottery. The teapot itself weighs only about 1.4 grams. It can fit easily on the tip of your finger. Clay is hard to mold into specific shapes in general, so imagine having to shape it into the minuscule size of the teapot! The teapot is usable, but it just won’t ever be able to fit very much liquid in it.
  2. Pinnochio: So far, tiny Pinnochio was the smallest known dog in the world. She weighed only one pound and was the same height as a soft-drink can. Pinnochio was featured on Oprah’s show a few times, which is why she became well recognized. She was the smallest dog to exist, but she died due to overeating. It’s hard to believe such a small dog once existed since there are dogs that are almost taller than adults.
  3. Carrabelle’s police station: When you think of a police station, you think of a large building with several different sections. However, this one is the complete opposite. Back in the 1960’s, a mini police station was installed in a call box on a street for convenience. This made it easier for people to reach the police station. Of course, it’s not in use today, but it’s free to visit and even labeled as the world’s smallest police station.
  4. Microcamera: Compared to huge camera set-ups on movie sets, this camera is nothing. A researcher from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany created a camera. Not just any camera, but one barely longer than one piece of salt. This is a breakthrough in research for the medical field because the camera can be inserted in humans to take photos of their internal bodies.
  5. Nanobes: Nanobes are by far the smallest living things in the world. They are barely able to meet the requirements in size to be considered a living thing. Ants are considered to be already very tiny, so imagine trying to spot something many times smaller. This is why you can only see it under a microscope. They are about 20-150 nanometers at most. It was first discovered during oil drilling, for scientists immediately put it onto the world’s list of smallest things.

No matter the size, things/people can still be extremely fascinating even if they aren’t very noticeable to the first look. Sometimes, the more minuscule, the more intriguing.

Photo courtesy of BARCROFT.TV

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World’s Tiniest Things