Arcadia Moon Festival


A traditional Chinese celebration with live dances, music, food, and community.

Samantha Rivera

On Sept. 29, the City of Arcadia and the Arcadia Chinese Association (ACA) hosted the annual Moon Festival from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m. in front of City Hall. What exactly is the Arcadia Moon Festival?

The Arcadia Moon Festival is a traditional East Asian celebration of “family, harvest, and the moon.” During the event, attendees could bring a picnic and their own blankets and chairs to watch the moon rise. This festival included some delicious food which was available for purchase from the food trucks. One of the food trucks, called Belly Bombz, is a Korean fusion of mostly meats that featured dishes such as chicken wings and chicken strips along with pork belly sliders and fried rice. Additionally, another food truck called Mandoline Grill specializes in Vietnamese fusion dishes such as Banh mi sandwiches. These sandwiches consist of a baguette, pickled vegetables, and chilis. Not only does it specialize in sandwiches, but Mandoline Grill also has Vietnamese style tacos, nachos, and salads. Along with Korean and Vietnamese fusion trucks, there also was the Canvas Food Truck. This company focuses on healthier options and appeals to meat lovers. From burgers to wraps and sandwiches, this food truck created their food from fresh, free-range meat, organic produce, and freshly baked buns from the Los Angeles Homeboy Bakery. Finally, the last food truck at the festival was Peacock Cafe which featured beverages and of course, mooncakes.

Other than food and beverages, there were also three groups performing at the festival. Catering to the traditional Chinese theme of the festival, there were traditional Chinese dances and music. The ACA also included a performance by the Elite Performing Arts Group of the Moon Festival story, which was a tale explaining the origin of the moon. Additionally, another performing arts group called the Young Artists Orchestra performed a concert later that evening.

Not only were there performances, but there were also games and an arts and craft exhibit. The ACA also provided an art competition held by the West California Art Academy. In order to participate, attendees had to bring their own art supplies to enter. The contest challenged participants to compete and create an artistic and creative bookmark.

Arcadia is fortunate to be partnering with the ACA. By doing so, this gives one of the opportunities to help “Arcadians to learn more about each other in a spirit of friendship and cooperation,” Mayor Tay stated. The Arcadia Moon Festival was truly a wonderful celebratory event that brought the community together!

Photo courtesy of ARBORETUM.ORG