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Fjallraven Who? What?

Iris Lim, Staff Writer

Fjallraven’s popular “Kanken” backpacks have been trending everywhere around the world. This trend was a quick storm that started last year. For instance, just walking around school for 30 seconds, 19 Kanken backpacks have been counted. Fjallraven’s iconic backpack has become a trend and is spreading fast among all people.

Fjallraven is actually an outdoors adventure brand but decided to venture into the world of school backpacks after seeing the need of a bag like the Kanken. The Kanken is marketed as “new technology” with a special back support system and sturdy straps. The backpack is also marketed to be extremely lightweight and durable since it is made from Vinylon F. The design of the Kanken is said to be more spacious to help the needs of students and their many supplies.

How did Fjallraven’s company even become so popular? The company’s first break on Kankens was in August of 2015 with a small number of students in love with the vintage and gender-neutral look. The source of Fjallraven’s huge boom in popularity was in October of 2016 when the Kankens were now being sold in Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom, and other major retail stores. From then on out, Kankens became high in demand and have been eyed by many consumers.

Kankens are also know to be extremely well made, but are they worth $80? I actually had a Fjallraven Kanken for a while but it got too small for my high school needs; carrying two textbooks with all my essential school supplies. I believe Kankens are really good quality, but not for $80. The straps are very sturdy and really helps support your back. The material is a pretty basic canvas material with waterproofing which was very useful for rainy days. But, to be honest, when does it ever rain in California? Last but not least, the most essential part of the Kanken was the amount of space in it. When I first saw a Kanken I thought there was no way I could even fit half of my school supplies in it. But to my surprise, the very compact looked really pulled through and was able to fit all my school supplies and even my lunch box, though I still cannot fit several textbooks in it. I do believe Kankens are worth it in some ways, but maybe not at $80. In my humble opinion, I believe that the price is extremely steep and the most I would like to pay for it is $50.

Yes, this trendy backpack has its benefits but it also has its drawbacks. Hopefully, this article has helped you develop an opinion with the trendy Fjallraven Kankens.

Photo courtesy of TUMBLR.COM

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Fjallraven Who? What?