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We Need Younger Congressmen

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We Need Younger Congressmen

Robinson Lee, Staff Writer

Why do we need young politicians? An important part of accurately representing the populace is sympathizing with their needs and making beneficial decisions which would permanently affect the American people. Though there is a significant majority of people who are young with new ideas and philosophies on how they can make Washington more effective, the number of those younger politicians is not enough for any sustainable cooperative action.

Sure, congress-people such as Dianne Feinstein and Mitch Mcconnell have a spectacular track record of influencing the nation in Congress, but their time has elapsed. The America they both knew is gone, and their conflicting ideas for this country are reluctance and hesitation when those are the last things our country needs right now. As cooperation is vital and bipartisanship is crucial to our future as a nation; younger politicians are and have to be determined to unite this country and provide diversity within Congress. With gun violence, new congress-people would be able to provide new opportunities and ideas to solve this problem as they could empathize more with people who are protesting school shootings and massacres and those who find ways to prevent gun violence without protest of orthodox policies. Even better, a surge of younger politicians may be the driving force of mediation to find a resolution which satisfies both sides. Furthermore, younger people would be able to understand and initiate action on how to deal with Silicon Valley as a popular and rising industry. Considering how Congress is slow to act when dealing with new technology, a wave of new politicians would be able to understand crucial factors in complicated technology and its impact which could spur new legislative changes. The impact of these new ideas and opportunities and how they could be addressed would be a boon for the U.S.

In the end, as midterms roll around, keep in mind the current state of Congress and question if your representatives are fit to work with today’s modern agenda. As youth, we may seem powerless in the face of Washington and the American political system; however, this change isn’t only spurred by a large uprising of replacing congress-people. It needs to start with the smaller initiatives. Get your parents involved in deciding the correct representative for themselves. Find out how to campaign more for the ideas that you believe in. Because one day, you will vote, and on that day you will have to decide if this nation is in need of new representatives who can support and contribute to your interests and whether Congress is doing an adequate job of adapting to upcoming challenges.

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  1. Alex Li on November 1st, 2018 2:09 PM

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We Need Younger Congressmen