“Prompt” Your Writing!

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“Prompt” Your Writing!

Melody Yang, Staff Writer

Do you want to write but don’t have any ideas? Do you need some source of inspiration? Don’t worry, because here is a list of writing prompts to help kick-start your writing! From romance to horror, there will definitely be one that you’ll be interested in writing about!

1. Drama:

  • The protagonist is forced to take in his or her sibling. Some important things to include could be both the main character’s initial attitude toward them in comparison to what they think about the entire situation at the end of the story.
  • Write about a story where plans go awry, such as a character flunking out of their dream college, or even a situation where an accident happens, such as a plane crash. The story can be about how the character develops and changes as a result, or really anything you want it to be about.

2. Romance:

  • Write a crazy scientific story about a soulmate in an alternate universe where whatever one person writes on their skin is copied onto their soulmate’s.
  • Write a story where one character witnesses their future partner’s death (a stranger at that time). The next day, they wake and realize that they’re reliving the same day over and over again until they can save their future partner’s life.

3. Horror/Suspense:

  • Write a story where a character is stalked by an unseen creature in a dark forest. Other than that, you can decide everything else. Did they go on a hike and get lost? Why were they in the forest in the first place? Does the main character end up escaping or dying? Everything is up to you.
  • A test of courage in the woods ends up being real and participants are being killed off by the people who organized the event. The motive for the murder can be up to you, but some ideas could be an act of revenge for something done in the past.

4. Adventure:

  • A prince of a kingdom has been in his castle since he was born, and the king and queen refuse to let him go out. When he finally escapes, he sees the harsh reality of the kingdom he will rule.
  • When a treasure hunter accidentally comes into possession of a jewel holding unimaginable amounts of power, he becomes the target of a group of rebels. Write about his adventure as he tries to prevent the rebels from obtaining this gem and wreaking havoc. Plot twists are a great way to spice up the story!
  • A tip from Mrs. Zaidi, an English teacher at AHS, suggests that you “exhaust a list of what a character is like” and “try to overdevelop them.”

If this list still doesn’t have something that you’re interested in writing, there are still many more resources out there such as the Internet, Tumblr (my personal favorite), and writing blogs, so go for it and unlock the writer inside you!

Graphic courtesy of IVYZEN.NET