Chanteurs’ Performance with Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra


Cindy Tse, Staff Writer

On Oct. 20, AHS Chanteurs held a performance featuring the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra. In preparation, Chanteurs worked long and hard towards perfection with practices led by Choir Director Dr. Pu and maestro Carlo Ponti. According to Historian junior Clarisse Cao, “The process of how Chanteurs preps for a performance is to first, obviously, learn the music. Dr. Pu teaches each section their part, provides recordings so students can practice at home, and then puts the whole choir together. After the choir is familiar with the music, we drill the music until every detail is on point: diction dynamics, motion, harmony, etcetera.” Each member faced different sets of challenges to overcome, striving to equalize their strengths and weaknesses.

Vice President senior Katherine Burog mentioned, “Sometimes it’s difficult to memorize our parts depending on the intricacy of the piece, but once it starts to settle in, it’s exciting to hear all our voice parts combine.” Honing one’s skills in Chanteurs is arduous, but all the members are passionate about what they do. Putting so much time and effort into something and seeing it blossom into a beautiful piece is rewarding on its own.

There is also a positive environment among Chanteurs members where students can practice their singing and get the help needed to improve. Senior Matthew Cruz joined later, drawn by the bond between the Chanteurs members; he recounted, “I joined Chanteurs because I wanted to experience what it’s like to be one and to perform with great people. This is going to be my first and last year being part of Chanteurs.”

As President senior Kristen Duran described, “I joined Chanteurs because I love to perform and act, putting my all and portraying my feeling into my singing. I stayed because I love being a leader and leading people towards their passion in life.”

The Saturday night performance was the culmination of months of preparation, but it was a great success! Matthew detailed, “Before the performance, me and my fellow Chanteurs gathered to wish each ourselves the best of luck. After the performance, I felt really happy because the performance was a success. It’s all thanks to the conductors, Dr. Pu and Carlo Ponti who have helped me and my Chanteurs family make this great performance happen.”

Clarisse further chronicled, “The performance on Saturday was phenomenal. I feel that the energy in the choir this year is truly valuable and we are all extremely proud that we were able to perform such an intricate piece with such outstanding individuals and a professional orchestra.” The excellent performance was not just for show, though.

Kristen said, “I felt very proud of our performance, considering there were many pressures such as being seen on TV and there being many producers and stars present.”

Similarly pleased about the performance, Katherine noted, “Afterward, it was rewarding to hear how much people enjoyed it and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.” We look forward to see what else Chanteurs has in store for us this year!


Photo courtesy of ARCADIA PAF