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PopSocket or PopKnockIt?

Alexandra Fung, Staff Writer

You’ve probably seen a PopSocket around; those button looking things attached to the back of a phone (or case) that pops up or down, like a small accordion. A PopSockets grip can be attached to the back of almost any mobile device thanks to its reusable adhesive and offers a secure grip that can be useful for texting, propping a phone up, or fidgeting with. They have become popular with many thanks to their abundance of cute styles and practicality, but many students seem to be opposed to spending $15 on a plastic button sticker. What do Apaches think? Are they stylish and useful or tacky and unnecessary?

Sophomores Anthony Chiang and Wendy Wang like the functionality of PopSockets. Anthony claimed that “they’re fun to play with.” PopSockets “pop” out twice and can be rotated, making it the perfect accessory to twiddle with. Wendy said that “they look nice” with hundreds of different styles to choose from. There’s even an option to make a custom PopSocket! When popped up, it makes the perfect phone stand for video chatting or watching a video. It’s also super useful for those with smaller hands who have trouble dealing with a large phone, as it offers extra grip, minimizing the chances of dropping your phone. They tend to be sturdy, attaching to flat surfaces very well but can also be easily removed and reused without leaving a sticky residue.

On the other hand, most PopSockets cost over $15 on their official website which seems unreasonable to some students. Sophomore Ashley Yeung thinks that PopSockets’ 15 seconds of fame are over because “they’re not really in right now.” Sophomore Daniel Ogura also believes that “they’re overrated” with so much hype going towards a basic phone accessory. Although they can be pushed down when not in use, there will always be a small bulge on the back of the phone which may look tacky and feel odd.

Apaches seem to be split over their ideas of PopSockets. They do have many practical uses but can be seen as pricey to some. While they may come in different styles and colors, a bulging circular disc probably won’t complement the flat, sleek design of a cell phone. No matter what other Apaches think, every person will probably have their own opinions if they want to PopSocket or PopKnockIt.

Photo courtesy of THEINDEPENDENT.COM

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PopSocket or PopKnockIt?