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Thanksgiving Break Plans

Jenny Qiu, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner and students are ready for a well-deserved week off from the work and stress of school. It is often a time for students to relax, travel, and spend time with friends and family. Making the most of the brief break, the AHS students are planning a variety of fun activities, from visiting new places to stuffing their faces with turkey.

“I’m probably going to visit some relatives. We’ll be sightseeing and checking out new places,” said sophomore Sharon Hang. Since some people may have missed their chance to travel during the summer, Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to meet up with relatives and catch up on traveling, especially with the cooler weather. “We’ll definitely be eating a lot of delicious food and taking lots of photos.” While some students like Sharon have loaded plans over the break, others have plans for relaxation.

“I want to catch up on sleep and just do nothing,” said sophomore Christine Law. “But I’ll definitely eat my fair share of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner and spend it with my friends and family.” After months of waking up early, sleeping in and recovering is exactly what students need for their body and mind to recuperate. In addition, with Thanksgiving occuring as well, it is the perfect time to surround yourself with loved ones and share what you are grateful for. On the other hand, while most students are enjoying the week off, some students have no choice but to continue studying.

“I’m going to be on that AP Bio grind,” said sophomore Katherine Sun. “We have to study about three or four chapters so that we don’t get behind track. That probably means I won’t have time to do anything else but biology. Hopefully, I still get a little bit of a break.” While, most classes can be temporarily stopped for Thanksgiving break, this is not the case for some college level courses. Although there is still work to be done during the break, overall, Thanksgiving break is a welcomed opportunity to relax before getting back into the school life.

Whether it’s traveling, eating turkey, or studying, students are able to take a short break before reentering the rigorous schedule of school. With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, students are counting down the days until the appreciated break.

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Thanksgiving Break Plans