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How to Find The Perfect Pair of Jeans

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How to Find The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Caitlin Wang, Staff Writer

With the chilly fall season and winter just around the corner, a good pair of jeans is a necessity. It’ll be a good investment no matter the price just for those 60° mornings. Here are some rules on what to do to find the jeans you’re looking for, as well as the different styles there are to choose from.

1. Know what you want: When you go to any store in the mall with the mindset of making the commitment to buying jeans, make sure you know what kind of jeans you want. This will help you narrow down the different styles and washes to just a few that you can choose from. Ask yourself questions like, “Do I want to be trendy or comfortable?” Vogue even stated that “It’s a jeans smorgasbord out there!” and there are plenty of options for consumers to choose from.

2. Have someone with you: It’s always fun to shop alone, with the freedom to roam around and make your own decisions with your own time. However, it’s always helpful to have a second opinion when buying new clothes. It could be either one of your parents or both or a friend. Your shopping buddy can not only help choose some jeans for you to try-on but also give you an honest second opinion on whether or not the jeans are a good fit and buy.

3. Wear an outfit you like: A mind blowing tip for when you are shopping for clothes is to wear an outfit you either wear often or just find extremely cute. This way, you can try to match the clothing and shoes you have on, to the jeans you are deciding on buying.

4. Look out of your comfort zone: When it comes to jeans, most people don’t branch out in styles. It’s common for people to just go shop to replace the exact same pair they had previously. You might be afraid of a certain style of jeans looking strange on you, but it doesn’t hurt to try them on! This way, if the jean-style isn’t the most flattering for your body, you’ll have an even better understanding of what looks good on you. Also, remember that colored denim is always an option. You never know if white or black jeans and even lavender jeans will look on you if you don’t try them on. Ripped jeans and mom jeans “are trendier than ever” according to and are always a possibility, even if they’re just sitting in the back of your mind while your entire dressing room is filled with many pairs of your typical skinny-jeans.

It’s always nice to branch out, but what’s essential to finding the perfect jeans, is how confident you act and feel in them. Also, remember that brands or labels don’t always matter, as long as the jeans fit you well! Shopping for jeans is always a learning experience, but remember to have a good time with it!


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How to Find The Perfect Pair of Jeans