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3 on 3 Basketball Intramurals

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3 on 3 Basketball Intramurals

Collin Gaja, Writer

It’s that time of year again. Three on three basketball intramurals are back and the competition is looking as fierce as ever. Many teams, new and old, have come back to win the title of champion, but only time will tell who will become the victor.

Three on three basketball is the yearly fall event where multiple teams sign up to compete against each other for the title of champion. With 30 teams competing this year, there is a lot to anticipate. This year, there are a total of five rounds in the entire tournament: preliminary round, knockout round, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. Each round will consist of multiple teams locked in a head to head battle against each other in hopes of moving onto the next round.

Many teams have signed up, but none have more confidence than this team. Senior Kyle Araki and his team have been training for this event ever since the beginning of the year. Kyle stated his team, “practice[s] every day at 6:00 a.m.” and to hone in their skills, they play “NBA 2K.” This combination of both physical and mental training gives them a big advantage over all other competitors as it gives them the necessary quick reactions to outsmart other players. While practicing every day enhances the players’ short and long game endurance, shot coordination, and chemistry builds up from experience playing on the court.

Kyle’s teammate, senior Saisaran Kidambi, chimed in, saying the team’s “rigorous training at the gym every day and analyzing our games through” allowed the team players to go beyond what they could have ever imagined. Saisaran also mentioned how “on top of NBA 2K, we overall are well prepared ”as they have the “mental fortitude, team chemistry, and composition” which no other team has. Kyle added that watching every Laker game has “allow[ed them] to learn what the pros do” and to “mimic their moves and strategy,” something no other team so far has done. Kyle truly believes his team has the chance at the number one title as, in his words, “the competition is looking pretty weak this year,” and the audience can “expect to see [them in] the finals in December.”

Senior Gabriel Han, who is on another team, is also confident. Gabriel and his team of seniors believe they have a good shot at the champion title even “in the midst of senior year” and although they are “really busy [with] the complex nature of trying to manage college apps and a large workload,” their team “has managed to meet up three times a week to train.” Gabriel also mentioned how “although [they] had hardships to overcome. It did not hinder [their] ability to train in peak condition and [they] are more than ready to claim victory in this tournament.”

The three on three basketball intramurals are looking as fierce as ever. Many teams from different grade levels gather to compete for the champion title, but only one will prevail. Who will win? Only time will tell. Good luck Apaches, and we wish you the best of luck!


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3 on 3 Basketball Intramurals