Thank You, Mr. Schultz

Rebecca Tao

Mr. Christopher Schultz is a teacher of Freshman English and AP Lit as well as the head coach for the track and field team. In addition to his teaching experiences, Mr. Schultz also practices photography and enjoys taking snaps of his travels—which he sporadically shares with his students. While Mr. Schultz towers over his students and has an initial intimidating appearance, his door is always wide open during lunch and welcomes students to work inside or inquire about English and track and field topics. However, when you walk inside, the most notable feature is the staggering number of posters movie covers. C101 could be dubbed as a movie-goer’s paradise, but underneath all the coordinated room-embellishments, is the movie-geek himself, Mr. Schultz. In fact, during class time discussions, Mr. Schultz will sprinkle in movie references and timeless classics that ring a bell in the heads of the cinephiles in the class.

While sometimes sarcastic, Mr. Schultz’s care for his students still shines through. This is shown when he picks up on the special quirks of his students and lightly teases them at the most unexpected moments—putting the “dad” in dad jokes and keeping the humor alive in the classroom. Furthermore, because of the lack of tension in the room, the light atmosphere keeps discussion healthy. There are also “snowball” moments in the class where one topic leads into a completely different one and continues into cycle until the bell rings. However, Mr. Schultz is accommodating to his students’ curiosities and teaches them more than they bargained for. This gives his students new perspectives on not just English and track, but life. Moreover, Mr. Schultz inspires confidence in students. He motivates them to participate in class through a method of pulling cards and encourages students to say their responses even if they fear they are incorrect. Besides being responsive toward his students, he also realizes the sheer amount of effort students put into their work by offering second opportunities to earn back missed points or learn by peer grading papers.

In addition to his care for his students, Mr. Schultz is also not afraid to include his opinions in class time discussions. From his first speech to his class about stress to his views on American healthcare, Mr. Schultz is a natural speaker. By also exposing his students to real-life topics, Mr. Schultz is rounding out their scope of life and rousing them to be more open-minded. Mr. Schultz also does this in a manner where he doesn’t force students to believe one side is better than another—that is to be decided by the students themselves—as he presents his opinions in an educated and eloquent way.

To his students, Mr. Schultz is more than just an English teacher or sports coach. He is their daily dose of dad humor and also an inspiration to be outspoken about their opinions.

-Rebecca Tao, 9, Pow Wow, Staff Writer