Thank You, Ms. Mynster

Brandon Chen, Features Editor

Junior year: infamous for long hours, an intense workload, and hours of late-night studying. However, despite the academic rigor, Ms. Mynster’s AP Chemistry class is one that genuinely does not feel like a burden. After all, in the words of Ms. Mynster herself, the course title contains a most valuable lesson: breaking it down into its key components, one determines that “chem is try!”

Throughout the school year, students begin to realize that Ms. Mynster is truly passionate about teaching and guiding each and every student to success. She’s always positive, encouraging students to strive for greatness no matter how tough the obstacle. Unlike most teachers, by the first day, Ms. Mynster has your name pinned down, creating an unforgettable first impression and a personal connection for the rest of the year.

And that’s just the first day. Every day is begun with a cheerful “Good Morning class!” and is filled with positivity, chemistry jokes, and interesting anecdotes (along with the occasional Halloween candy stolen from her kids) to brighten up every student’s day. Despite having to breeze through lecture notes from bell to bell, the curriculum becomes fun and easy to learn with a light-hearted mood, plethora of chemistry puns, and a great instructor. After tests and quizzes, Ms. Mynster meticulously dissects each question to ensure that her students understand the material and can learn from their mistakes. It becomes apparent that personal growth and mastering the concepts trumps any grade that can be achieved.

Beyond the class period, Ms. Mynster’s door is always open at lunch for additional instruction, allowing extra time to go over tests and quizzes and also to answer any burning questions about science in general. She even allows the use of lab equipment to answer personal inquiries such as, “Is it possible to fill a balloon using the reaction of calcium bicarbonate and hydrochloric acid?” Allowing students to bounce off ideas and guiding them to reach conclusions is truly something students appreciate on their quest for knowledge.

Ms. Mynster’s journey to becoming a teacher is also truly an inspiration. Starting out as a Pre-Med student, Ms. Mynster had an epiphany one night studying that if this was the path she chose, long nights of studying would be her life for the next couple of years. Eventually, she switched to set her sights on Pharmacy School but then found her calling as a teacher. “I don’t feel like I’m going to work as I’m doing what I love every day,” she said. The passion that emanates from Ms. Mynster as she teaches is truly apparent through her drive to help students flourish and serves as a reminder to stressed-out students that the universe has a plan for us all to succeed.

Ms. Mynster’s class is truly unlike any other. Throughout her class, she becomes more than just a teacher to many of her students. She is always there to help, always there to bring smiles, always there to encourage, and always there to inspire. Ms. Mynster’s efforts and determination in guiding students to achieve their true potential foster learning and growth not only as students but as human beings as well.

-Brandon Chen, 11, Pow Wow, Features Editor