Thank You, Ms. Wang

Kobe Yu, Staff Writer

It is an understatement claiming that teachers are hard working because not only are they vital parts in influencing a student’s academic achievements, but they also shape their outlooks and futures. Along with managing their personal life, teachers have to basically dedicate their entire day assisting students, whether it is teaching during school hours or replying to emails after hours. Many teachers also serve as inspirations and guidance for their students. Ms. Wang fits the mold of this ideal teacher and so much more. Passionate and supportive plus strong and hardworking equals Ms. Wang.

Walking into her class, you can see Ms. Wang with a cup of coffee grading tests or homework or replying to emails. Her work ethic is truly something to admire. A subject as difficult as calculus can easily confuse students, but Ms. Wang’s everlasting patience and teaching style allows her students to understand these calculus concepts. Her ability to aid students using concise techniques is one of her greatest skills as a teacher. I can easily say that I look forward to going to math class everyday, knowing that I will learn something new.  

She also generously offers extra credit by awarding points to students with every homework question they present on the whiteboard. This makes achieving a good grade in her class possible. Her policy of allowing students to resubmit their homework assignments is beneficial in teaching her students to correct their mistakes and allows them to earn the highest number of points possible. Ms. Wang’s efforts to guide students to an A, as opposed to handing it to them should be commended.

 The thing that I most admire about Ms. Wang is her strong will and her ability to balance her work with her personal life. She always puts her best foot forward no matter the circumstances. Whether it is dealing with a difficult student or teaching a difficult concept, Ms. Wang always tackles the challenge with confidence. With the many calculus lessons I learned from her class, having an unyielding spirit is the most important thing I learned from her class.  

Ms. Wang’s class also proves that difficult courses can be just as enjoyable as easy ones. Though her calculus class is not exactly easy, I can doubtlessly say that I enjoy her class way more than any of my easier ones. This is another valuable lesson learned from her class because not only does this help students develop strong math skills, it builds great work ethic. She reminds students that they don’t get a grade; they have to earn it.

Ms. Wang is a remarkable teacher who not only teaches her students difficult math concepts in an easy fashion, she inspires students with her unbreakable work ethic and dedication. She is an approachable and passionate educator; her teaching style and ideals as a teacher creates an environment that effortlessly attracts the attention and lights the learning spirit within her students.

-Kobe Yu, 12, Pow Wow, Staff Writer