Thank You, Ms. Novak

Parisa Haq, Staff Writer

Walking into fifth-period for Speech and Debate, I’m greeted with the wonderful Ms. Novak. The atmosphere is filled with her gracious, upbeat spirit. As the week goes on, she gives us time to all be to participate in fun team-bonding activities. Luckily, she also lets us have time to work on any work whether it is academic, speech, or personal related.

One quality of Ms. Novak is her faith in us. When our speech and debaters don’t feel confident about our piece she allows us time to come in during lunch and even stay after school to rehearse. If we run into any problems she always offers constructive criticism to do better. She always strives for improvement and will always help us. Any negativity surrounding any topic in the class is something she highly discourages. This is because she wants us to be positive. She never stops believing in our talents and will be the first to cheer us on no matter what.

While this ties in with her faith in us, she also gives us respect. Ms. Novak gives us responsibilities and knows that we can accomplish them. Of course, expectations are set for us, but it’s never immense pressure put on us. For example, she trusts us with her classroom as well as believes in us to make use of our precious class time. Or lets us make pins or sell food during events to fundraise for the Speech and Debate program.

Ms. Novak happens to also be extremely helpful in all aspects. Her classroom is full of uncut/cut scripts for speeches or practice topics for debate. She has countless binders full of information that can enhance our performance for any event we compete in. Even talking to her for a little bit you can clarify any confusion. As a first-timer in this program, she went to extreme lengths for me, as well as the other newbies, to help navigate our way through. This includes finding an event, speech, and even confidence to pull it all off. Anything she teaches us about resourceful skills we immediately learn. Her ability to be positive but still keep it real is one that’s many appreciative of.

Lastly, Ms. Novak truly cares and wholeheartedly cares about as actual people. We aren’t just another one of her students. She emits this easy-going energy that makes you feel like you can talk to her about anything. It’s almost as if she can guide us through almost any predicament as well as let us talk about how we are feeling.  

I say this for all students who have the pleasure of getting a class with her, Ms. Novak is truly someone to admire. For giving us confidence and reminding us of our purpose everyday.

-Parisa Haq, 9, Pow Wow, Staff Writer