Thank You, Ms. Young

Caitlin Wang, Staff Writer

Anything to do with science, I completely shy away from. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always despised the academic subject as a whole. By the time I got to high school and found out certain science classes were required in order to graduate, you can probably guess that I was pretty stressed, only an understatement. Halfway through a semester, I can confidently say my outlook on science has completely changed, all thanks to Mrs. Young.

From the very first day, I could already tell I had a bright year ahead of me. I walked into my sixth period class in the science building, immediately dreading what was to come. However, a few moments after stepping into Mrs. Young’s class, my anxiety surrounding science faded. She had this amazing energy to her that made not only me, but the rest of the class want to learn and just be happy as a whole. I could tell that she was genuine, not putting up a front just because it was the first day of school. I loved that she was so understandable, not giving us any homework but still introducing us to lab equipment so we wouldn’t fall behind in her teachings. Once the bell rang, my first day jitters were nearly gone.

Honestly, chemistry can be a very complex and difficult subject to both understand and apply. I knew this going into the subject, which was why I was so worried. With Mrs. Young, I haven’t had to worry about not understanding topics covered in class. I know that if I ask her a question, she will be more than happy to explain whatever concept to me so that I completely understand. As I briefly mentioned before, she’s one of the most understandable and relatable teachers I’ve ever had so far in high school. She makes tests and quizzes on convient days of the week, as well as giving us all practice tests and worksheets so we are fully prepared for what’s to come.

Not only do I not feel a lot of pressure academically in Mrs Young’s class, I also really enjoy her class. Her attitude is always cheerful, and I’ve never seen her impatient. I enjoy the fun activities we do to prepare for future tests as well as the holiday potlucks we hold. Both on Halloween and her birthday were we able to celebrate, relieving us all from our stresses over other subjects.

Most importantly, through thick and thin, I feel comforted knowing that Mrs. Young will always be there to support me as a student. She’s been so kind to not only me, but to our entire sixth period class as a whole. Without her as my chemistry teacher, my outlook on school this year would have been more pessimistic, rather than the optimistic attitude I have now.

-Caitlin Wang, 10, Pow Wow, Staff Writer