Plans for the Future

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Plans for the Future

Jessilin Lee, Staff Writer

This year, for at least one-fourth of us, your high school journey will come to an end. This leaves a myriad of opportunities for your futures post-high school.  But whether you are a senior wrapping up your high school career, or a freshman just starting it, one thing is always on your mind: graduation. Once you complete high school you are basically free to do whatever you desire.  From pursuing a higher education to getting a job, the nearly infinite amount of post-high school possibilities can be very daunting for many of us. But the benefit of having infinite possibilities is that one is bound to be just right for you.

Take a Gap Year

A gap year is a year-long break between graduating high school and starting college or university.  People usually take a gap year to pursue their other interests, academic or not. These can range from getting an internship or job in a field you might be passionate about to just going on a vacation and traveling.  A gap year can be really helpful for graduates because it acts as a break for students to prepare for college or university or just a chance to try new things they couldn’t otherwise do while at school.

Go to College / University

Receiving a higher education is probably the most popular route graduates take after high school.  Right after graduation, many people head straight for college or university to earn a degree and eventually get a job.  Going to college or university is most likely the first things people think about doing after high school. However, pursuing a higher education can be time-consuming, expensive, and quite honestly, scary. Just choosing a college or university can scare away many people. There are over five thousand colleges and universities just here in America and even the option to study abroad. Along with choosing majors and such, just planning for college or university can be frightening as you are basically dictating your future for at least the next four years of your life with a few decisions.

Get a Job

Rather than go to college or university for many years, a few graduates opt for the faster, but also more risky path or getting a job straight out of high school.  Usually, people choose this path because they are interested in economics or commerce, or just want to start making their own money. Of course, you won’t just get a well-paying job right off the bat unless you are very lucky, so graduates usually take internships in hopes of getting promoted later on.  There is also the possibility of graduates creating their own business as well and becoming entrepreneurs right out of high school.

Join the Military

Another, less well known option for a post-highschool plan would be to join the US Army.  Many graduates join for the economic and social experiences it will give them. Service in the military teaches people many skills that can be used in daily life such as leadership skills and teamwork.

Whatever you may happen to choose always remember that it is solely your choice.  One option may have suited your parents are friends but it may not be suitable for you.  If you have a passion, pursue it in whatever way will benefit you the most. The future may be scary but it will inevitably arrive and it’s best to start thinking about and preparing for it before it’s too late.

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