Jenny Qiu, Staff Writer

Interviews are nerve-wracking. However, they are inevitable, especially with students in a competitive school environment. It’s important to do well in your interview and set a good first impression, since that may determine getting the position or not. So, here are some tips to help you with interviews.

Anticipate Interview Questions

The worst thing to do when a interviewer questions you is to reply with “I don’t know.” Make sure to think about your skills, accomplishments, and any other possible questions. Try to practice mock interviews with your friends and family so that you won’t be surprised during the real interview.

Dress to Impress

When you are being interviewed, it is essential to give a good impression. This means not only answering questions well, but also dressing well. Depending on the formality, you have to wear a full suit or maybe just a button up shirt. Either way, dressing well gives an impression that you care and therefore, makes it more likely for you to be hired.

Be Aware During the Interview

Make sure to exhibit confidence and maintain eye contact during the interview. Speak loudly and clearly, and make sure to sit up straight. Be aware of the interviewer’s expressions, which may provide clues on how they are feeling. Their reactions can help guide how you should answer in order to project a positive image.

Accept the Outcomes

If you do end up getting the job, great! However, if you don’t, try not to dwell on it. Consider what you may done wrong and try to improve it for your next interview. Learn from your mistakes and remember that failure is a part of life.

With these tips, hopefully, your interviews will be more successful. It is normal to feel nervous or anxious, but these tips should allow you to feel more confident and comfortable. Whether it be a job interview or even a college interview, the more you prepare for them, the more you will be likely succeed in them. Good luck on your next interview!

Graphic courtesy of CREATIVEMARKET.COM