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Woolsey Fire in California

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Woolsey Fire in California

Samantha Rivera, Staff Writer

Currently, two of the deadliest fires are spreading in California, bringing harm to the many families and structures of their homes. The Woolsey fire broke out in Simi Valley, causing destruction to 96,949 acres in L.A. and Ventura counties. Due to the low humidity and high winds, the Woolsey fire reached Malibu as well as parts of the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of West Hills.


In addition, thousands of small brush fires are contained a year, however, the Camp Fire took over most of Paradise and mountaintop communities.  Many people were trapped and died as the fire surrounded them and their homes. With the death toll rising to 81, many of the harsh winds have torn through the forests.


A disabled retiree, Michael French, had to walk through the parking lot to submit a DNA sample in order to find his missing niece. Close relatives and family members have attempted searching for Wendy ever since the wildfires have begun. Receiving no word about his niece French said, “No one has heard from her at all. She has not made contact with us, so I am deeply concerned.”


Many firefighters fought to contain the fire and to identify who was missing and those who have died. Volunteers gathered in groups to searched the burnt areas in search of other loved ones. The Camp Fire has burned over 152,000 acres but is 72% contained. The fire burned down around 12,637 residences, 483 commercial structures, and 3,718 other buildings.


The evacuation plans gave residents no warning to escape and even surrounded people, forcing residents to attempt to outrun the fire. The evacuation orders were given at 7:76 A.M. but were not spread to the rest of the city until an hour later. Staff members at hospitals had to evacuate 67 patients before the official evacuation warnings were given. One of the four evacuation routes was jammed, causing cars to inch forward to the blast of heat. Some even caught on fire and were filled with black smoke.


Among the residents of Paradise are mainly elderly residents who may have been unable to escape from the flames. President Trump added that many of the bodies were even “burned beyond recognition.” More than 9,000 firefighters have fought to contain the Camp and the Woolsey fire with water tanks and helicopters. The predicted high winds caused authorities to take action and add more fire crews to keep the fire from spreading.


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Woolsey Fire in California