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Boys Varsity Football has proved to be a formidable foe this season, ending the season with an undefeated league record of 7-0-0 and an overall season record of 11-3-0. This is the best record the Apaches ever had over the past decade. Upon entering CIF, the boys managed to pull a 3-0 series win, laying a path straight to finals. It’s been 40 years since the Apaches have seen the CIF championship title at the cusp of their hands. Their historic game against Kaiser was long and hard-fought, but not all in vain.

Starting in the first quarter, Kaiser kicked off to Arcadia with the ball landing on the 45-yard line. The boys managed to successfully claim the ball. However, they were soon stopped by Kaiser after the catch. On their first down, the boys threw a successful pass to the Kaiser’s 10-yard line, giving the boys a strong start to their game. This was followed by a touchdown and a kick off on their second down, putting them at 7-0. This was a short earned victory as soon after Kaiser managed to tie up the game, 7-7, with an interception on the 35, giving Kaiser the ball for the second time this game. Toward the final minutes of the first round, Kaiser managed to break Arcadia’s defense and ran a touchdown, gaining the lead 14-7. The first round ended with Kaiser in the lead, putting Arcadia not too far behind them. Both teams showed great offense and team chemistry. However, Arcadia’s minor slip-ups cost them the tie, leaving the boys to only hope for a better second quarter.

Within seconds of the second round, the boys managed to run the ball to the 12-yard line and followed up with a touchdown then kick off, tying the score to 14-14. From there the game was caught in a stalemate. Both sides weren’t able to advance or defend from each other’s onslaught of runs, passes, and blitzes. When eight minutes were left on the clock, Kaiser, with an unexpected run, broke through Arcadia’s defense and, again, gained the lead of 21-14. Advance after advance, the Apaches slowly inched their way closer to Kaiser’s end zone, managing to pull off a successful run every few downs. On their second down on the five-yard line, the Apaches successfully pulled off a touchdown by a hair after Kaiser’s defense nearly stopped them, tying the score 21-21 after Apache’s point after touchdown (PAT). In the wake of the final few seconds of the quarter, the Apaches went for a pass, and it successfully connected in Kaiser’s end zone, giving the boys a 28-21 lead over Kaiser, which marked the end of the second quarter.

The third quarter started off more calmly than any other quarter thus far. After the Apache’s kick off, it landed past Kaiser’s end zone, resulting in a touchback for Kaiser. Kaiser then advanced slowly towards the Apache’s end zone; on their third down, Kaiser managed to reach the Apache’s 9-yard line. Soon after, Kaiser ran the ball towards the Apache’s end zone to come out successful and seal the touchdown, tying the game 28-28 after their PAT. With eight minutes on the clock left, Arcadia, on their third down on the three-yard line, threw the ball into the end zone and amazingly number 9, senior Frankie Contreras, successfully caught it, giving Arcadia the touchdown. Arcadia’s defense for the rest of the quarter was unwavering and unrelenting as they stopped Kaiser’s every play and stopped their advances. By the end of the third quarter, Arcadia, with the lead, ended with the score of 35-28 putting us in the lead.

On the start of the fourth quarter, tensions were high and the stakes even higher. At the start, Arcadia, with the ball, unfortunately, let Kaiser’s defense break through their own pushing the ball back to our 20-yard line. Sadly, in fourth down, the Apaches miscalculated their hike leading to Kaiser to take advantage of this opportunity and claim the ball, marking the beginning of the end. Later on, with ten minutes left on the clock, the Apaches managed to intercept the ball and run the ball towards Kaiser’s end zone, only to be stopped on the 10-yard line. When rushing towards the end zone on the first down, Arcadia was tackled by Kaiser causing them to fumble the ball. Kaiser was able to capitalize off of this and claim the ball, resulting in a touchback for Arcadia. After Arcadia’s touchback, Kaiser was able to break through their defenses and push Arcadia back to the 50-yard line. However, Kaiser was able to gain the possession of the ball and run it, giving them a touchdown and PAT making the score 35-35. On the Arcadia’s last legs, Kaiser was able to topple the undefeated them and push Arcadia to their end zone. On the fourth and final down of the game, Kaiser won the game by kicking a field goal, securing victory, 38-35, and the championship title.

The Apaches accomplished amazing feats this year through their hard work and determination. Going undefeated in league and the first three rounds of CIF, they have been able to compete for the championship title on par with Kaiser. Their defeat doesn’t signify the end of an amazing team and season, but the birth of a better and stronger team for next year. Great job Apaches, and we hope to see you back in CIF finals next year!


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