How to Cut and Style Bangs

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How to Cut and Style Bangs

Rebecca Tao, Staff Writer

Fringe, a hairdo that used to be considered old-fashioned, is now back in style. Having bangs across your forehead and is now deemed cute—and understandable as social media outlets popularize and glamorize the hairstyle. CNN even claims that bangs “may be a modern red carpet staple” in their article “Evolution of the Bang, from Betty to Zooey.” There are surprisingly multiple ways in which bangs can be cut, trimmed and styled to give you a bangin’ look:

  1. The Start
    1. If you do not have bangs just yet, you need to cut them. To avoid having the thick and bulky Dora the Explorer bangs, it is advisable to start with the front of your hair parted in a triangular shape. You want to part your hair at your natural hairline and separate the part from the rest of your hair at the point at end of your brows. Before you start cutting your actual hair (with quality salon scissors!), dampen your parted bangs with water in a hair mister. Your hair should not be dripping, just damp enough to be straight. Make sure to clip the rest of your hair in a ponytail or behind your ears. Start cutting a straight line across and make sure your bangs fall lower than your ideal length (this is very important!)
  2. Classic
    1. The classic bangs are what comes into mind first when you think of the hairstyle. These bangs sit right below the eyebrows, or if your face tends to be shorter and more round, in-line with the mid-brow or slightly above the brows. To cut these bangs, use a fine tooth comb to lift your hair and start cutting at your ideal length. There’s not much to these bangs and this style is very easy to manage and perfect for those wanting to try to a new hairstyle.
  3. Side-swept
    1. Side-swept bangs are a great option for those with a round face shape. Start by cutting your fringe with the corners as the shortest parts. Round inward with the longest parts in the center. However, make sure this transition is natural-looking with no harsh angles! With this method, you could either choose to part your hair to the left or the right, and they’ll look just as good both ways.  
  4. Wispy/See-through
    1. Wispy or see-through bangs are very popular in Asia right now. This is due to their versatility as they could be moved to the rest of your hair without much effort. However, cutting and styling these bangs come with a challenge. If you already have bangs, you need to first grow them out and make a new fringe part as wispy bangs require a very small triangular hair section to be cut. Cutting these bangs are almost exactly similar to the traditional method, but you need to start with only a small portion of hair and cut longer than your desired length (under the brow, almost touching eyes is ideal). To style these bangs, you need to curl them with a curling iron as they look like messy baby hairs if they fall flat against your forehead. However, these see-through bangs can give you a youthful and innocent look.
  5. Choppy
    1. I personally prefer choppy bangs to any other style. Cutting this style of fringe is like the traditional method except you need to be equipped with thinning scissors. With the thinning scissors, shear off the bottom 0.5 to 1 inch of the ends of your hair with vertically-positioned scissors. There are really no rules for doing this. You can not make huge errors as thinning scissors do not make a full cut. Keep in mind to avoid cutting the upper portions of your hair—it’ll look like you’re balding and you will have baby hairs under your bangs (been there, done that). Instead of a harsh straight line across your forehead, choppy bangs are asymmetrical and irregular, which in turn, can make your face look more symmetrical in comparison.
  6. Trim
    1. Bangs need to be trimmed every 2 weeks to maintain their structural integrity. Your bangs definitely need to be trimmed if you can see them when you can look up. Trimming depends on the style of your bangs. If they’re classic, easy, just cut straight across! If they’re wispy, just cut off a tiny amount from the ends. If they’re side-swept, cut from the outer corners (short) and get longer toward the center (do not overdo this, keep it subtle!). If they’re choppy, go back in with thinning scissors and cut in chunks.

Overall, bangs can be extremely flattering if they are worn and styled correctly! Find a style that suits you and your face type, and rock your fringe!

Graphic courtesy of PINTEREST.COM