Retail Marketing at AHS!

Ally Fung, Staff Writer

Attention sophomores, juniors, and seniors! Do you want to start looking for a job, need work experience, or want ten extra points of elective credit? If so, AHS’ Career Center is offering a second-semester Retail Marketing class, designed to educate students with the necessary skills needed for entry-level employment in merchandising and retail sales occupations.

As the name suggests, the class will focus on retail marketing, or the process of promoting awareness and spreading interest in goods and service, as a way to generate sales from consumers. According to the Retail Marketing teacher Mrs. Courtney Rushing, the class “will cover all aspects of the job search process: marketing, management, writing a business plan, and other research topics.” Those taking the class will be able to familiarize themselves with basic sales techniques, such as sales promotions, stock keeping, inventory control, and proper usage of the cash register. Students will be able to partake in a hands-on experience in the retail merchandising setting. For example, the class would be able to do “an internship at a local retail store, with a great opportunity to get a real paying job.”

Ms. Rushing emphasized the benefits of taking the class. “The students will get real-life experience in retail and working with customers,” she mentioned. “It will also help with [any future] resume and they could very well get hired.” She also pointed out how retail marketing is so prominent in today’s workplace. “Any career students choose will involve working with a client, customer, or patient. The experience of working with [different] people and learning about [the business field] will help students in any vocational path,” she said.

Although the class is not open to freshmen, some are looking forward to taking the class next year. Freshman Doris Ma revealed what made her intrigued about the class. “There are so many great products out there that people aren’t informed about,” she said. “What makes me interested about this Retail Marketing class is that it can teach us all how to effectively showcase and present these products to consumers around the world. No matter what career I have in the future, I’m sure this skill be extremely beneficial to me.”

Starting from Jan. 15, classes will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 to 5:45 p.m. For more information regarding the class or registration, please contact CTE Coordinator Mrs. Debbie Young at the Career Center.