Which Iconic Wii Game Are You?

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Which Iconic Wii Game Are You?

Ailin Atasoy, Staff Writer

Which of these is true of your reaction to competition?

  A) I’m mildly competitive but afterward, I’m chill

  B) I’m very competitive for short periods of time, and it is the most intense when competing with my friends

  C) I will scream out of adrenaline and fun

  D) ambivalent

  E) If my friend destroys me in Monopoly, our friendship will also be destroyed

What do you enjoy or do a lot of?

  A) Outdoor exercise

  B) Indoor exercise

  C) Hanging with friends

  D) Traditionally “nerdy” things—video games, comics, or anime

  E) Playing board games

What’s your favorite part of having a Wii?

  A) Creating Mii characters

  B) The freedom of movement

  C) Having accessories for the remote

  D) The Nunchucks—you know what I mean

  E) Having many people play at once

How’s your music taste?

  A) The same I’ve listened to before

  B) I know most of the current popular music

  C) Everyone thinks their music tastes are the best, so I think mine is the best

  D) I don’t give it much thought

  E) Whatever sounds good to my ear

What describes your usual taste in food?

  A) Chipotle

  B) Perch

  C) Cheesecake Factory

  D) Sharetea

  E) Red Robin

Mostly A’s: Wii Sports

You’re pretty laid back and rarely cause problems with other people. Although people might not instinctively think of you as their best friend, your pleasant personality is why everyone enjoys being around you.

Mostly B’s: Just Dance

You’re actually very outgoing and enjoy being around other people. You are always observant and can get whatever is best for yourself—a Slytherin to the max. You’re confident in who you are and can be successful with your people skills.

Mostly C’s: Mario Kart

You work hard, but also play hard. Your spirit is friendly and warm-hearted as you are open to making new friends with whomever you deem a good person. People find it very fun to be near you and your vibrant energy.

Mostly D’s: Super Smash Bros Brawl

You are empathetic and can connect to people and stories. You embrace your childhood and take pride in who you are, allowing you to set an example for others of how being true to yourself and being towards others.

Mostly E’s: Mario Party

You have a select group of friends that you are very close to and who are all you need. Family is very important to you, and you also have a deep connection to other human beings.