DIY Instruments


Alex Kim, Staff Writer

Are you bored, creative, or trying to entertain a younger sibling or kid you’re babysitting? From cardboard to straws, rubber bands to plastic eggs—here are some DIY instruments to try out.

Straw Pan Flute
Collect some colored straws and arrange them in a line, side by side. Then, cut them diagonally so that the left-most straw is the longest and the right-most straw is the shortest. Tape them together and attach a string so that they can be worn around the neck. Lastly, blow into the top of the straws to make music! According to some crafty families, they are perfect for “rocking out in the car together.”

Cereal Box/Shoe Box Guitar
If you’ve got a cardboard box lying around with just rubber bands, why not make a guitar? Cut a large hole a little bit off-center. Take an extra piece of cardboard to make a long triangular prism next to the hole with another piece of cardboard to act as a raised bridge. This will help make the sound of the guitar better. Then, cut six rubber bands so that each of them are just a single line, and stretch them across the box and over the cut out circle and the bridge. Secure them with split pins, and pluck away! The blogger who made this guitar claims that it was even capable of “knocking out Purple Haze.”

Pin Strummers
First, you need some bobby pins, preferably of different sizes, and some tape. Stretch the bobby pins apart so that they stay in an open position. Then, line them up on any object (a tin lid, a plastic bottle, styrofoam) with the flat side down and the squiggly side up. Tape down the flat side. Then, press down on the squiggly end and let it fling back up to make a sound depending on the surface that you taped them to. Feel free to experiment!

Paper Plate Tambourine
With some paper plates and jingle bells, one can make some fun paper plate tambourines. The creator of this instrument notes that it may be a good way to “use leftover plates from parties.” First, decorate the paper plates with markers, ribbons, and stickers. Then, glue the two plates together with their concave side facing inside and make some holes with a hole puncher around the outside edge. With string, thread two jingle bells, one on each side, through the holes and secure them.

Plastic Egg Maracas
Each shaker will need two plastic spoons, a plastic Easter egg, uncooked rice, and some tape. Fill the egg up a little with the rice, and secure it shut so that it doesn’t break. Put one spoon on either side of the egg so that the inside of the curved part comfortably rests on the egg. Then, tape around the top where the egg and the curved part of the spoon is, and then also tape around the handles of the two spoons together. Easy maracas!

Just pick up some things that you may have lying around and make something new!


Photo courtesy of WIKIHOW.COM