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Orchestra Vertical Concert Recap

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Orchestra Vertical Concert Recap

Anya Yang, Staff Writer

On Feb. 21, AHS’ Symphony Orchestra and Arcadia middle schools came together at the PAC to perform at the annual Orchestra Vertical Concert. The unique features of each middle school orchestra and the award-winning talents of our very own Apaches contributed to an amazing night full of great music!

First Avenue Middle School started the concert off strong. After a brief announcement from their director Mr. Mike Danielson, the Spartans got to work with “Finale from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.” After the first piece, they smoothly segued into “Marche Slave,” by Tchaikovsky. Their final piece, “Fuel Metallica,” was different and refreshing. It featured their rock band and orchestra, mixing two completely different sounds together to make a harmonious ending.

After a quick intermission, the lights dimmed back down for Dana Middle School. Dressed in bright shades of red, the Mariners started off with “Themes from Capriccio Italien,” another Tchaikovsky piece. “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and “New World Symphony, 4th Movement” were their next two pieces, and they certainly awed the crowd. A parent in the audience explained that her daughter had been practicing for many weeks in preparation for the event.

The final middle school performance was given by Foothills Middle School, and they seemed to have used the Scottish terrier mascot as inspiration for the pieces. With the final act being “Sheehan’s Pub Band,” the unique sounds all blended together to result in a symphonic conclusion for the middle schools. With Karl Morton as director, the enthusiastic Highlanders gave a great performance to end the middle schools’ night.

AHS’ Symphony Orchestra ended the concert with a bang. Directed by Mr. Thomas Forbes and Ms. Pin Chen, Arcadia’s Orchestra 3 and Band 3 came together to give an amazing performance. Their repertoire featured “Amadeus!” from Symphony No. 25 by Mozart, “The Winton Suite,” and “American Landscape” by Newbold. They ended the night with a beautiful flourish, leaving both the viewers and members in high spirits.

Senior Francesca Yao explained that Orchestra 3 practiced every day of the school week, running through the pieces and going through section by section. “My favorite piece was the Winton Suite,” she said. “In addition to creating many layers of sound and harmonies within the orchestra, the piece is also divided into a few movements that each have their own unique style and melody.”

The Vertical Concert was an amazing way to not only bring together Arcadia’s schools, but to also introduce the middle school orchestra members to AHS’ impressive music program! The PAC was filled with supportive family members, friends, and eager middle schoolers. Each aspect of the concert was truly excellent and showcased the hard work and love put into each piece. If you missed this year’s performance, be sure to mark your calendars for the next annual Orchestra Vertical Concert!


Photo courtesy of AUSD DCI Intern Sarah Wang

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Orchestra Vertical Concert Recap