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Spring Preview Photos

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Spring Preview Photos

Jeslyn Chou, Staff Writer

This school year, AHS’ Spring Preview was orchestrated on April 11, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. In addition to classroom visits and presentation from various clubs and organizations, there was the entertainment of performances in the Rally Court and food trucks. The event is a great way for incoming freshman to experience what it’s like on campus, and for the huge variety of student clubs, teams, and organizations to advertise their cause and events to the new students. Spring Preview gives all Apaches the opportunity to show our school spirit and welcome our fellow classmates next year!

You may remember the experience as an eighth grader, excited yet nervous to begin our high school career. As freshman Iris Lim recalls, attending the Spring Preview as an eighth grader (and incoming freshman) was a great opportunity for her to get acquainted with the high school curriculum and the campus. The event “helped reassure and calm [her] nerves for high school and the clubs’ treats/bribes were a plus as well.”

Freshman Nicole Klatt also remembers attending the Spring Preview in the 2017-2018 school year. She shares Iris’ sentiments as before attending the event, she wasn’t sure what being an Apache would be like, but she felt much more comfortable after being welcomed by the many clubs and enthusiastic faces.

Similar to Iris and Nicole’s experiences, freshman Sarah Kwang loved the many different booths and the chance to familiarize herself with the students and clubs that AHS has to offer. She specifically remembers the Arcadian Yearbook booth that stood out to her. It sparked an interest in journalism for her, and she’s now a design editor for yearbook!

Lastly, I was able to talk to Leo Club president, senior Carrie Saleeb, and ask her about the club’s booth during Spring Preview. Although she was preoccupied giving tours to incoming eighth graders for her involvement in SMW, she participated in the planning of the event. Following the trend of many students, Carrie recalls attending the Spring Preview as an incoming freshman. She distinctly remembers the tour of the campus that was offered by upperclassmen. While she was anxious about the large campus, after being given a tour, Carrie felt more confident for her first day as a high school student and admired the leaders who seemed passionate and proud of their school. Carrie found it “really nice to look back and see how it has come full circle”, as she is now a proud member of SMW, the organization that orchestrates the tours during Spring Preview.

According to Carrie, Leo Club’s display this year included a “big trifold that outlined what [their] club is about, and also had lots of pictures of our members at different events. Members of the club also passed out candy for attendees of the event and had “two of [their] officers in lion onesies”. These dedicated officers were there to spread the spirit of Leo Club and encourage students to join the volunteer-based club. Those who attended the event were even able to have a photo-op with the lion mascots in a cut-out of a Snapchat border, made to capture the spirit of Leo Club!

All in all, whether you’re still attending middle school or a senior, ready to leave for college, Spring Preview is a night full of fun, festivities, and a chance to show off some school spirit.

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Spring Preview Photos