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Boys Varsity Baseball’s Current Season

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Boys Varsity Baseball’s Current Season

Collin Gaja, Writer

With spring warming up the weather, Boys Varsity Baseball has been breezing through its season winning nearly every game played this season and claiming the seasonal record of 17-1.  

On Mar. 29, the boys met their first loss of the season, as they faced off against John Muir High School. The boys started off the game on par with John Muir, both sides taking an aggressive offensive tactic to gain the advantage over each other. Within in the first inning, the boys were able to gain the upper-hand and score the first point for the Apaches; however, it was followed up by John Muir catching up and tieing the game 1-1. The boys felt they had a strong start to their game and were determined to win the game against John Muir. Despite this, in a quick turn of events, John Muir proved everyone wrong.

In the following inning, John Muir took the Apaches by storm and rampaged through their defenses, allowing them to earn two runs, totaling their score to 3-1 by the end of the second inning. Again in the third inning, John Muir showed little signs of weariness as their offensive continued to be a challenge for the Apaches and ultimately allowing them to gain two more runs and progressing the game 5-1. The boys, after realizing they had to try a different game plan, changed their play style and strategy in the fifth inning. Through this, the boys were able to gain three runs ending the fifth inning with a score of 5-4. Unfortunately, the boys’ newfound strategy wasn’t enough for them to beat John Muir as they ended the game in the seventh inning with a score of 5-4 and making this their first loss of this season. Senior Jeffrey Castillo stated, “This defeat is discerning but in the future, we will practice harder so we will not lose to any other teams.”

However, this early loss did not stop the team from having its best season yet, as more recently on Apr. 3, the Apaches butted heads against Glendale High School and were able to make quick work of the team. Early on, the boys immediately utilized their strong offensive playstyle against the Glendale Nitros, resulting in two runs in the first inning and the score of 2-0. Their teamwork and chemistry this game was highlighted through their quick passes to one another, and ability to swiftly dispatch the Nitros. In the second inning, the Apaches were able to show their synergy, preventing all attempts made by the Nitros to score, and claim themselves one run ending with a score of 3-0.

The boys’ unwavering momentum carried over to the third inning, allowing them to quickly claim bases and eventually leading to another score, ending the third inning 4-0. The Nitros, in an attempt to catch up to the Apaches, reverted to a more defensive playstyle but were only able to be in a deadlock with the Apaches for the next two innings, leaving the score 4-0. However, the boys were able to outsmart the Nitros in the 6th inning, making quick plays which led to them scoring one more point, ending the sixth inning 5-0. Reluctantly, the Nitros stepped-up their game in the last inning, becoming smarter and quicker with their plays and landing many opportunities to score. By the end of the seventh inning, the Nitros were able to claim one point for themselves, ending the game 5-1. Senior Dominick Tello commented, “Despite the loss last month, we are coming back stronger than ever and are ready to face off against any competition in our way to CIF finals.”

The boys are having an amazing season this year, paralleling many other amazing seasons from previous years. Although the boys were defeated in one game this season, their road to the CIF championships is looking smooth and there is no doubt our boys make us proud. Great job Apaches and we wish you the best of luck in the rest of the season!  

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Boys Varsity Baseball’s Current Season