Thor’s Transformation in Endgame

Rachel Lee, Writer

Endgame, one of the most anticipated movies of the year, has reached the highest grossing film of all time. This new addition to Marvel’s cinematic universe came with a plethora of surprises, shocking the audience and tying loose ends left behind by Infinity War. With fans anticipating the return of Marvel characters for a year, the complete transformation of one hero in particular has grabbed people by surprise. Thor, once a god from Asgard known for his strength and impeccable physique, returns in Endgame having gained a few pounds.

Five years later, Thor is discovered in his den drinking beer, playing Fortnite, a bit chubbier, and unable to handle any mention of Thanos. Having undergone the loss of everything he loves, his change in appearance is a way to reflect his downward spiral into depression. Thor’s transformation has had a positive effect on its audience, which can be heard by the roaring laughter throughout the movie theater throughout the film. While there has been backlash for fat-shaming involving some of the jokes made at his expense, such as comparing his body to “melted ice cream” or implying that cheez-whiz flows through his veins rather than lightning, these jokes have been combated with the fact that they were made by the most brash and sarcastic characters of Marvel (Tony Stark and Rocket Raccoon), and to not say anything would’ve been out of character. There is also no training-montage in which Thor gains his physique back in order to be powerful again, displaying to the audience how his transformation does not make him any less useful.

Even having gained a few, Thor still proves to be a powerful character throughout the movie, not letting his altered appearance affect his role in defeating Thanos. He still manages to pull himself from his rut and join the Avengers in their mission, assist Rocket Raccoon in capturing the timestone, have a meaningful scene where he ties up loose ends with his mother, and even possess the strength to reclaim his hammer. During the actual fight with Thanos, Thor proves himself strong as well, channeling years of anger and pain into battle.

Despite the controversial effects of Thor’s change in Endgame, his character remains a staple one nevertheless, someone whom defeating Thanos would not be possible without. With or without a few pounds, Thor’s role in Endgame does not undermine any of his previous roles.