Leslie Chen, Staff Writer

As the end of the year approaches, so does one special eventprom! With the start of prom season, promposals are starting to go back in trend. Promposals are statement-making, unique, and impressive ways to ask a date to prom.

Instead of one specific instance being regarded as the “first” promposal, many different stories of high school students asking their dates to prom led to the eventual coining of the word. For instance, one of the first promposals was highlighted in The Hour, a Connecticut newspaper, in May 1, 2001. A boy named Scott Rodgers asked his classmate Amanda to prom by singing a parody of a song from the movie The Wedding Singers in front of other students.

Because there are so many ways to ask someone to prom, promposals are considered an experiment in creativity. Getting a date for prom can be really fun if you’re willing to put your guard down and let your imagination run wild. Promposals that are especially thoughtful and unique can really make a statement and may tend to be more successful. Incorporating personal interests can make your promposal special and meaningful to the individual, as it shows that you care and strive to impress. As an example, if your potential date likes movies, you can ask them by incorporating quotes and puns from one of their favorite films. Another option is using the individual’s favorite food. If they like sweet treats like cupcakes, have a custom-made promposal written over the frosting. Tailoring your promposal to the person will definitely guarantee you success!

A common misconception about promposals is that they have to be big and impressive. The size of the poster or bouquet doesn’t matter as long as an effort was made for it to be special. Save very public and grand promposals for those who you are almost certain will agree to attend prom for you. Otherwise, they may feel like they have been put on the spot  or dislike the extra attention.

AHS’ 2019 Prom will be held on June 1 from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. at the Wallis Annenberg Building in Beverly Hills. Tickets can be purchased from May 15 to 30 at the ASB Office before school or ASB Office and Trading Post during lunch and after school. Have fun Apaches!

Graphic courtesy of PINTEREST.COM