To Cassidy

Trinity Chhay, Editor in Chief

To the Chhay with tinted glasses who is slightly taller,

I know you get stressed out easily because you fall asleep with your glasses on. When that happens, I usually take off your glasses and tuck you in. I do that even now. I used to do the same thing to you when we shared the room with pink and purple walls when you would kick off your blankets, and your stuffed animals would fall onto the floor.

We only like sitting next to each other at dinners because we get to joke around and, to be honest, you’re the only person I feel completely comfortable sitting next to. There is nobody in this world I would rather have inside jokes with or make the weirdest comments to.

It’s crazy to think how much you’ve grown up, all within the same walls as me.

I’m sorry you are sometimes known as being just my little sister. I always want you to shine in the spotlight, and I never want to take that away from you. I honestly can’t wait to see you succeed and thrive and for you to find your own voice. You already make me so proud to be your older sister, and I can’t wait for the day you surpass both me and your wildest imagination. When you got in as a Burmese club officer, I actually cried. You can go ask Mar. I was so proud because you were paving your own path instead of following in my path, which is what I wanted. You were finding your own interests, your own voice, and your own vision of leadership.

Thank you for being the girl I can laugh with over anything.
Thank you for being the only person who knows me inside and out in this family.
Thank you for being my little sister.
And thank you for just being Cassidy.

Visit me in college or else.