Dance as Sport


Melody Lui, Staff Writer

Sports have become a major part in people’s daily lives. People have been playing and watching sports in their free time ever since people first had time for leisure. However, dance has gone many decades without the public acknowledging it as a sport. Even today, dance is rejected by the rest of the sports community and ridiculed for its feminine appearance although it is just as complex and rough at other sports.

Cave paintings in India provided us with the first archaeological proof of dance; however, the modern dance styles we know today came from the Renaissance period of Europe. These dance styles were created to entertain the nobles of the Renaissance period and has then progressed and evolved not only to entertain, but also to bring attention to the dancer and showcase their hard work and talent. Because modern dance developed during a period of prospering European art, dance has garnered a reputation for simplicity and delicacy. Dance is considered its own category rather than being classified as a sport. Many use the reasoning that dance isn’t as tiring and doesn’t take a large enough toll on the body to be able to be considered a sport. 

The fundamentals of dance can be seen in many mainstream sports. Dancing necessitates technical skill and requires a lot of practice, just like any other sport. Just like how someone can be naturally good at a sport, one can be born talented in the art of dance. Practicing for a sport or dance can improve one’s performance while also improving one’s physical health and strength. The definition of a sport fits dance very well. Dancers work for long hours in order to compete against others, which helps prove to themselves and their teachers that their hard work has paid off. Orchesis member sophomore Yuki Cun states, “Dance emphasizes the need for strength and elegance. Mentally you have to be able to memorize combinations and you have to deal with your body image,” while also adding that dance “requires so much discipline and self dedication” which is why she considers it the hardest sport. Just like other sports, dance is a form of entertainment to many and has been a form of entertainment for hundreds of years.

Dance has broken the stereotypical image of what a sport can be. Sports in the media are usually portrayed as aggressive, and while dance can showcase aggression, there is a beauty in dance that is not seen in most sports. Not only is dance a delicate art form which allows one to express emotions and creativity, but it also requires a large amount of mental and physical strength which can take a toll on the human body. This is the reason why people love to dance. You are able to express yourself, while exercising and keeping your body healthy. 


Photo courtesy of ARTSY.NET