A Guide to AHS Library’s Online Resources

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A Guide to AHS Library’s Online Resources

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Pittsburgh City Paper)

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Pittsburgh City Paper)

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Pittsburgh City Paper)

Kristen Fuu, Staff Writer

A Guide to the AHS Library’s Online Resources

When using the official AHS website, many students tend to skip over tabs that may be beneficial to them. One of these tabs is the library’s research links, where it provides eight helpful online resources. You can find it in the “Students” section under the “Library” tab. Here, free links are provided that can be valuable to students in any grade.


Opposing Viewpoints in Context

A website designed by Gale, an educational publishing company, was designed to provide students with articles about the pros and cons of current social issues. It includes different types of writings from opinion to newspapers. If you ever have trouble writing about problems in society, this site is perfect for you. This site requires a password that is provided by the library. 


Academic Journals

This link provides articles on a variety of academic subjects (literature, science, social science, etc.). Similar to the previous link, this website also requires a library-provided passcode to access.


World History in Context

Much like what its name suggests, this website provides a collection of primary and secondary sources on hundreds of topics on world history. It includes multimedia resources and commentary for easy research. When taking a world history course, this website will come in handy.


Britannica School

Britannica School is a free encyclopedia resource that is somewhat similar to Wikipedia. It has both historical and popular culture articles appropriate for academic research.



By far the most well-known website out of all the ones provided on this page, Turnitin is a tool for teachers and students to assess plagiarism in writing. Each class requires a code that you can get from your teacher.


Free Permit Practice Test

For those interested in driving a car in the future, this website will help you practice the written portion of the driving permit test online. 



NoodleTools is a subscription service to help you cite sources for essays and assignments. The login information is provided by the library.



Short for Online Writing Lab, OWL is a quick reference guide for anything and everything related to writing. They offer detailed and well-thought-out guides that help students develop as writers. If you’re ever struggling with writing, OWL might be the site to visit.


Additional Resources by Subject

If none of the resources above seems to help as much as you wanted them to, there are extra resources available to you at the bottom of the webpage. Upon clicking on additional resources, it should lead you to a Google Doc with a long list of links that you can look through and use. The list is separated into subject categories such as visual arts, languages, and many more.


Many students do not know that these resource links are provided to them, despite it being created for their use. The resources provided may help students in more ways than they may think. “At school, the links are free to use with no password required,” Ms. Lesley Ogle, the librarian states. “However, anywhere else, a password is required, which the library can provide. If you ever need help accessing the website, you can ask me for help.”