Tips to Become a Better Dancer


Caitlin Wang, Staff Writer

Dancing is an amazing form of exercise as well as a way to build confidence levels. Everyone loves to dance at parties or whenever music comes on because it is insanely fun once you get into it. However, many people feel awkward when they dance freely, but it just takes practice and constant movement to get used to it. Here is a guide on how you can become a better dancer, from improving your basic techniques to a list of qualities that make up a good dancer. 

  1. Stretch: There is a reason why many dancers tend to be very flexible; it is because they stretch often to execute complicated routines. According to Face Productions, “A big goal in dancing is to make each move look effortless.” This tip is very true, considering professional dancers make the most complex movements look very easy. Stretching will allow your legs to feel more carefree when dancing. Moreover, flexibility is essential to improving as a dancer since it will help you ease your nerves before practicing new movements. 
  2. Dance consistently: Although this is a very obvious tip, it is one of the best ways to sharpen your dance skills and improve overall. It doesn’t matter how you practice dancing, whether you take weekly dance classes or learn from YouTube videos. As long as you make time for dance, you will get better. This way, you will gradually become more comfortable with moving your body and gather more knowledge about dance. Junior Destiny Radle, a member of Orchesis Dance Company here at AHS also recommends, “Like any activity, dance requires practice and precision to improve. Listening and applying criticism will only make you stronger.”
  3. Focus on technique: It can be difficult at first to improve your dance technique, but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone helps tremendously. The more movements and different styles of dance you know, the better your technique will become. Be open to criticism and/or suggestions from skilled dancers. Watching others that have already perfected their technique can obviously help you improve on your own. If you are struggling with new movements, don’t be afraid to ask for help or to do extra research.
  4. Don’t give up: To put it into perspective, a strong dancer does not only have the physical strength to be a good dancer but also has the right mentality. Senior Natalie Chi, who is currently taking Intermediate Dance, provides, “You have to listen to the music really well so that you know what emotion to put into the dance. Be sure to feel the music when your body moves. Enjoy it!” If you want to be a better dancer, you will become one as long as you are dedicated to improving. Do not give up. If you set your mind on it, a lack of confidence can be a major setback in the beginning stages of dance, but once you push through, you are bound to succeed. To get to the level of expertise they are at, professional dancers always do their best. Have the same kind of mindset of trying your hardest, whether it is just a short workout at home or a performance in front of a few hundred people.  


Lastly, find whatever works for you when it comes to dancing. Some people find it difficult to improve while taking large dance classes because they do not feel comfortable. As mentioned in the article, learning techniques or routines on the Internet is perfectly fine. As long as you push yourself and try hard, you will reach your goal of becoming a better dancer. That way, you can have the maximum amount of fun at school dances or even at sleepovers with friends, as dancing is a skill you can utilize in any stage of life. 


Photo courtesy of UNSPLASH.COM