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Varsity Football

Melody Lui, Staff Writer

On Aug. 30, Varsity Football’s first home game of the season began. The Apaches, in cardinal and gold, started off the season by playing Vikings, in white and purple, from Valencia High School. The crowd was anticipating a great start to the season after the numerous wins from the Varsity Football team last year. However, despite their great efforts, the Apaches were unable to defeat the Valencia Vikings this time, ending the game with a score of 7-60 for the Vikings.

The first quarter was tough for the Apaches. Right off the bat, the Vikings already had a lead as they ran a touchdown. With the score at 0-6 and keeping the momentum, the Vikings continued with a pat attempt, which scored them an extra point. The crowd was unable to contain their discontent with the Viking’s untimely goal. 

Trying not to get discouraged, the Apaches did their best to stop the Vikings. Their efforts bore some fruits, but the Vikings’ superior strength and teamwork scored them another touchdown in the first quarter.

When halftime started, the Apaches struggled valiantly, but were still unable to score any points, leaving with a score of 0-40. Despite the seemingly impossible situation, the third quarter gave us hope and the Apaches were able to pick themselves back up. The Apaches were determined even after the Vikings scored so many times, and in the third quarter, wide receiver senior Isaiah Lopez scored a touchdown, the first of the game for the Apaches. Just one touchdown was enough for the Apaches to recover their fighting spirit and the game continued with renewed vigor, the score now 7-60. 

To our dismay, after the touchdown for the Apaches, the Vikings bounced back, scored several more touchdowns and field goals and ended the game with an unfortunate score of 7-60, with the Vikings taking home the victory. 

Wide receiver and safety junior Kayin Hall stated that he “knew this game was going to be a hard game,” but he still knew “as a team, they played their hearts out.”  

Although the Apaches went home without a win, they still played a good game, and this loss serves as a motivation to work even harder for many games in the upcoming season. As the season has only begun, the team may have been lacking in some areas of communication and teamwork. 

Quarterback senior Mikey Hillier describes that he thought the Apaches “didn’t do that well as a team,” and that they can “do better offensively and defensively” by getting into the right mindset as well as preparing more throughout the week for the game. Despite the unfortunate loss, the Apaches can only get better from here as they continue to grow as a team and strengthen their bonds with each other. Their skills will continue to increase as they compete against more teams throughout the season, and hopefully, they will be able to take home many more wins.

Photo courtesy of Leilani Wetterau.