AHS App Development Team is Recruiting!

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AHS App Development Team is Recruiting!

Emily Banuelos, Staff Writer

AHS APP Development Team is recruiting students to join them in further developing an app called Arcadia High Mobile to make student life easier by making information more accessible to all.

Potentially, they want to expand the usage of the app for staff too. This team is looking for programmers, graphic designers, and content editors, and each position requires a certain level of criteria.

If applying for the position of a programmer, students must have previous knowledge on Javascript coding and must know how to code for Android and iOS.

The graphic designer position requires graphic design experience and a proficiency and experience in design.

Content editors need to be proficient in English and writing and must write eloquently and be responsible.

As long as a student fits the criteria listed previously, a person does not need knowledge specifically on developing apps  to join the team. The students who apply for one of the positions above will need to also be ready to work hard and well with others on a team. To add, being reliable is another important factor and meeting deadlines.

Currently, the team members are graphic designers Elle Yokota and Tiffany Thai and content editors Miranda Chen and Roselind Zeng. They run as a collaborative team, meaning no one, in particular, is in charge, but they intend to know and defined leaders for future teams.

This team has been existing since 2017 and referred to as a “passion project.” APP Development team is not associated with the school but is supported by it.

The due date for applications is still being determined; however, all the information will be ready and revealed at the informational meeting on Oct. 22. Team meetings will be held every Friday at 7:00 p.m., and there are out of school time requirements. There are many benefits of joining this team including gaining valuable experience, leadership, and knowledge. Students can develop their teamwork and healthy work habits while also being a part of one of the first high school level app development teams in the nation.

Alex Hitti states, “The vision to create an ‘app team’ for our school seemed impossible as many ideas initially do. We were tired of the old-fashioned structure of a traditional classroom: one run by teachers where the students are told to listen and blindly memorize everything that is presented to them. We were inspired to venture into this unknown terrain and flip the system around. As a team, we had full control over our projects, deadlines, and creative expression. Throughout the months, we learned how to cooperate as well as unlock talents that would’ve never been expressed in a traditional classroom. Our project’s impact greatly exceeded any of our wild expectations, with it reaching thousands of downloads across campus. Though the app was a quantitative success, it was truly the lessons we learned and the bonds we formed which made the journey more than a vision.”

In addition, Paul Lee explains, “We spent a year of streamlining code, refining the user interface, and adding content, we have transformed this app into a convenient tool that more than 1400 students actively use. Although we all take immense pride in that result, it’s the people we worked with and the memories we made in H-105 that made this project so worth it.”

These students are of many who enjoy being a part of an inspiring and talented team. Having to work in a different environment greatly impacts their mindsets and makes them work outside the box. They hope for you to join their App Development Team this fall!

Graphic Courtesy of DATAFLOQ.COM