Who is Keshi?


Caitlin Wang, Writer

Keshi, or Casey Luong, has become a popular artist in recent months. He has made his mark in the lo-fi hip hop music community. His music can be streamed on Spotify and a majority of his concerts have been sold-out. Keshi is gaining more and more recognition as an artist day by day. Here is a background on who he is and his music career as a whole. 


People often describe Keshi as “mysterious,” yet he has already gained millions of plays across various platforms. His name originated from his childhood, in which his girlfriend’s family used to call him as a nickname. Casey decided to go with Keshi as a stage name because it meant a lot to him and it was a way to stay anonymous. He creates his music from his home studio, which is quite unique. “Over U” was his first song, which came out in 2017 and was an immediate hit. Originally from Houston, his music combines happiness and sadness in the best way possible. 


His inspirational music career started back when he was in high school. Artists like John Mayer and Ed Sheeran were his “groove.” Keshi recalls that the music he made back in high school won him a local competition. This opened up an opportunity to go to LA to play in a show. After experiencing the LA music scene, Keshi realized his music could not compete with the talented artists out in the industry. By the time he flew back to Houston, he had a new perspective on his own music. In relation to being mysterious, Keshi recalls his high school years, “If friends and family weren’t able to hear it I was able to experiment that way.” Many high school students relate to his music, including junior Purba Khan who explains, “I love his God’s Plan cover and one of his songs called summer. His music is very easy going and calming, so I like to listen to him during car rides or while doing homework.” 


All of Keshi’s songs have been personally produced. He describes, “I really don’t like singing over someone else’s beat, because the most fun part for me about making music is creating an ensemble and a new world using so many different sounds.” In an interview with Listen Mag, Keshi describes how he does not see Keshi as himself. The stage name is to “convey the mood of the art.” This concept aligns well with his music, considering his songs are on the lowkey side and can not be necessarily characterized as pop or hip-hop. It is amazing how a few of his songs, such as “skeletons” or “summer” are calming yet upbeat at the same time. It is the perfect music to listen to while studying. Senior Tiffany Lo describes, “I love how chill and refreshing Keshi’s songs are. They are perfect for any mood I am in. He has such a beautiful voice and amazing songs. My go-to songs are 2 soon and xoxosos. I think Keshi is really underrated but extremely talented!” 


Ultimately, Keshi is an up and coming artist that has become popular from staying on the “down-low,” which is quite ironic. A majority of his concerts have sold out in various states within the country. Go check out his albums on Spotify!