Hydro Dipping


Annalise Xiao, Staff Writer

Hydro dipping has skyrocketed in popularity in 2019. YouTubers and bloggers hydro dip shoes, water bottles, and more. What is hydro dipping and how does it work? Here are a few tips, tricks, and important background information for people interested in hydro dipping or learning more about it.

First of all, what is hydro dipping? Hydro dipping is also known as water transfer printing, immersion printing, and hydro imaging. It is the process of applying graphics to almost any three-dimensional object. This unique process has been used in many fields, such as the auto industry. Various items like shoes, helmets, and water bottles are  decorated by using hydro dipping. 

The most simple process of hydro dipping has been trending as of this year. For example, shoes are hydro dipped with spray paint to create a watercolor effect.

In order to do this, the materials include a craft knife, masking tape, spray paint, a large container, water, and acrylic varnish. The first step is to cover the parts of the shoe that you do not want to customize. Use a craft knife and tape to cut out various shapes to fit onto the dimensions of the shoes. The second step is to fill a large container with enough water to dip the shoe in. Use spray paint to spray various color(s) and dip the shoes in the water. Add more spray paint if needed. 

After the dipping process is done, dry off the excess water and peel off the masking tape carefully. Let the shoes dry completely and spray acrylic varnish to ensure that the print stays secured. This process can be done with other products as well. 

In order to end up with a successfully dipped product, there are many common mistakes that people should avoid. Insufficient planning is a big problem and one should be invested to dedicate the time, effort, and money to start this process. If a more complicated process of hydro dipping is chosen, a hydro dipping kit is highly recommended for beginners. Depending on what you’re hydro dipping, water temperature plays a role in the finished process. Further research should be done to determine the precise range for sufficient water temperature. 

I have personally never tried hydro dipping anything yet, but I’d love to in the future. Hydro dipping is a unique process for creating various designs on personal items. Junior Eric Lum says that he thinks that “hydrodipping is a unique form of art.” Eric says that “If I were to try hydro dipping, I would want to hydrodip a pair of crocs.” Sophomore Alec Tandoc believes that “hydro dipping is an interesting take on customizing personal items.” Alec would hydro dip his water bottle, “since it’s cheaper than buying a custom design.” Be sure to test the waters with this current trend!

Photo Courtesy of MARKO