How to Maximize Space in a Cramped Room


Caitlin Wang, Staff Writer

At a certain point, our childhood bedrooms don’t seem to accommodate our loads of high school textbooks and excess amounts of piled up junk. It seems that we have outgrown our rooms, or we have too many things to fit in such a small space. However, we all have a few more years until we move out to go to college or get a new room/house. It’s worth a try to make the most out of the small space you have, so here are some effective tips on how to do so!

Chances are, your bed takes up a lot of the space in your room. After all, what is a bedroom without a bed? In many cases, childhood bedrooms do not have the space to accommodate a large desk. Therefore, a bedside table could serve as an efficient desk that could be used to put school textbooks and other study materials. Or, instead of nightstands, a small drawer could serve as a bedside table. These drawers could serve many different purposes. They could store clothes and other school essentials while still serving as a mini-desk. Moreover, a bookcase could work on the other side of your bed. That way, a stack of books does not have to take up more storage space in another part of your room. The bookcase could also store other knick-knacks and collectible photos. 

In most situations, when there is no storage space in a room, the room becomes very untidy and is no longer visually appealing. To help clean up the room a bit, try to make it a habit to clear out old clothes or worksheets that are taking up unnecessary space within your room. Without excess junk, you will feel like your room will have more space in general. This opens up the opportunity to look toward interior decorating. Some organized pieces of furniture or neat decorations could help you maximize your cramped room space and make it look a lot nicer. Fall cleaning can be enjoyable, senior Deborah Khaw accounts, “Whenever I clean up anything, I feel refreshed and happy that I finally got to do what I had put off for so long, but I also wonder how my mess accumulated in the first place.” 

Although it may be a bit dirty, it is always possible to store things under your bed. Considering your bed is probably the most essential part of your room, you can maximize it even more. Old memory boxes and other items that you don’t use daily can go in containers under your bed. This way, you can actually have walking space in a cramped room. When doing this, make sure to constantly vacuum the bottom of your bed and revisit the items stored below it. Hanging things on the back of your door, like a shoe wall, would also work. If your room has a closet, try to store as many of your beloved items in it as possible. 

At times, the best feeling is getting rid of old items, becoming more minimalistic. As junior Doris Chang describes, “After cleaning my room, I always feel refreshed and at ease. It puts me in a better mood.” Although you may feel like you are throwing away too much, it will leave your room a lot more organized and you may feel happier. Hopefully, these methods are effective in turning your bedroom around. Happy fall cleaning!

Graphics Courtesy of PINTEREST.COM