Tall Girl Controversy


Leslie Chen, Staff Writer

In the past month, Netflix released its new teen rom-com, Tall Girl. The film follows a six-foot girl named Jodie, who is constantly bullied and made fun of for her height. Contrastingly, her older sister, Harper, is not only average height but also a winner of multiple beauty pageants. However, everything changes when Stig, a six-foot tall Swedish foreign exchange student, joins their school and shows interest in her. Jodie becomes embroiled in a love triangle, and at the end of the movie, realizes that she’s far more than what her insecurities about her height has caused her to believe.

While the movie seems like a typical, stereotypical rom-com on a surface level, it has angered many people online. Painted as a coming of age story, it shows the story of a character learning to love herself, despite her insecurities. Many critics pointed out that the film’s central premise of “tall discrimination” seems silly, and argued that there were many other groups more in need of representation. Following the backlash, Tall Girl’s director Nzingha Stewart responded by saying that “a movie doesn’t have to be about you or for you to be of artistic value in the world” and that “if it’s not offending you, let it live.”

However, while some are criticizing the movie, others are defending it. Those viewers argue that there are many tall people who feel insecure about their height and that this film is perfect for those who feel that way.

Several AHS students are caught on both sides of the internet debate. Sophomore Doris Ma sees herself agreeing with each side. “I can get why some people like the movie and its message,” she said. “It’s great for taller people who are struggling with embracing their height and want someone to relate to. But I do think that there are many other groups that need more representation than tall, pretty girls.”

As controversial as it may be, Tall Girl’s message is still a sweet one: to love yourself and embrace your insecurities for what they are. It’s highlighted in Jodie and in all of the supporting characters as well; Harper struggles with her weight, and Stig feels like a nerd for liking classical music. At its core, it’s simply a typical rom-com movie with a talented cast!

Photo courtesy of THECATALYST.COM