Homecoming Football Game v. Pasadena


Melody Lui, Staff Writer

Every year, people are filled with anticipation for the Homecoming football game. For the first time, ASB hosted an all-school Homecoming tailgate with food and games before the football game. On Oct. 11, students from all grade levels gathered to watch as the Apaches went against the Pasadena Bulldogs. The Bulldogs proved to be tough competition as the Apaches ended the game with a score of 10-44.

In the first half, despite Pasadena scoring the first touchdown, Arcadia quickly rebounded when junior Eudene Thomas scored a touchdown leaving the score at 7-21. Both teams had great defense, and the score remained unchanged going into halftime.

However, the second half did not turn out as planned. Senior Will Covey stated that the Apaches “were in the game in the first quarter,” but as the quarters passed by, the Bulldogs “were getting in their heads.” As the second half started, Pasadena quickly racked up the points. With a score of 7-37 now, the Apaches were more determined than ever. The Apaches then scored three more points with a field goal, leaving the score at 10-37. 

During the third and fourth quarters, the odds remained in the Bulldogs’ favor. With a few minutes to spare Arcadia was about to score a goal, but Pasadena intercepted the ball, scored another touchdown, and left the score at 10-43. With a punt, Pasadena earned another point leaving the score 10-44. Although all the players looked worn down, they still tried their best until the final second.

Despite the loss, the team managed to introduce several new plays against Pasadena.Junior Leo Lai reflected on the game by saying, “Well for starters, last night’s game did not go as planned. We put in a couple of new plays specifically for this Pasadena team.” In order to improve in the next games, the Apaches are planning on strengthening their tackles, executing new plays, and making the right leads.

Arcadia played a great season and even without the victories, we know that the players tried their hardest to make us proud.

As the football season comes to an end, we want to congratulate the Apaches for their efforts. Despite not getting the results that they might have hoped for, the Apaches still fought hard every single game. We wish the Apaches luck for the rest of the season.