Catch up with Band and Colorguard


Caitlin Wang and Alan Lee

As you may or may not have already heard, AHS’ Band and Colorguard have been doing well in their recent competitions and season. Their Mt. Carmel Competition was a success as they won overall grand champion and sweepstakes, and at a recent football game, they were surprised with the announcement that they have been invited to play in the 2021 Rose Parade. Here is an update on how both band and colorguard are doing so far this year. 

Band President and Alto Saxophone Section Leader senior Sydney Chang stated, “I think this season is very special in comparison to previous years because everyone has energy and passion for what we’re doing, even though rehearsals are really long and competition days are tiring as well. People keep pushing forward, and even when we have a lot of stuff to work on, the energy never goes down. We’re always there supporting one another, and I think that definitely helps. We aren’t doing as well in the competitions with our scoring as we did in previous years but honestly as a senior this year, I’m not really letting that bring me down because I am having the most fun in band this year and I really think it’s because of the people around and how positive their attitudes are. I’m really proud of how far we’ve come in the show and the growth of the people that are in band.”

Even with long practices and late nights, band and colorguard are rewarding performing arts groups on campus. All students do their best so they can produce a wonderful final product and be proud of their performances. Their hard work and determination shine through during competitions. This year is no exception. For example, both groups showcased a beautiful performance during the Homecoming football game against Pasadena, which staff, AHS students and parents enjoyed from the sidelines. 

Colorguard Captain senior Sharon Hoang said, “The season has been competitively tough as the top 6 schools in our division have all scored in the upper 80s to 90 point region which is tough but exciting. It’s to the point where any one of us could end up at the top. As of right now, we have been working nonstop to attempt and perfect our work and get us into the top 3 positions. I’m bold enough to say that our show this season has been one of my favorite shows to date. The work the students were given has been demanding but with the right training and dedication I am sure that we can make it out on top.” 

As both Sydney and Sharon detailed, band and colorguard have already had great successes so far this year, but they still think they have room for more practices and improvements. It’s all for perfecting their passions and crafts. All members of the band and colorguard have a lot to look forward to this season despite the exciting achievements they’ve already earned. Go support band and colorguard in their upcoming performances! 


Photo Courtesy of ARCADIA MUSIC CLUB