Thank You, Ms. Doring

Shirley Huang, Staff Writer

An ankle-length skirt patterned with flamingos, paired nicely with a simple white top. What stood out most, however, were her bright red pointed-toe flats. While I’m unsure if she ever wore this exact outfit, this is how I remember Ms. Doring. It’s strange, I’ll admit, to remember someone you so much admire by their choice of clothing. Nonetheless, her students would all agree that her outfits are always fun and spontaneous. I doubt she owns anything that doesn’t have a pop of color or personal flair. My hypothesis: that she has an underlying purpose for her vibrant appearance, that is, to draw her students’ attention and make them feel more at ease.

The reason I distinctly recall Ms. Doring’s appearance is because it perfectly complements her personality. Through her soft complexion and kind eyes, she reveals genuine care and optimism in her students. These qualities are further reflected by her willingness to offer guidance and constructive criticism, ensuring that every one of her students understands the curriculum and learns from past mistakes. 

Before Ms. Doring’s class, I never had much interest in English. I was convinced my writing was abhorrent and had little chance of improving. Being born to immigrant parents, who struggle with English themselves, means having to learn English as well as my parents’ native tongue. Due to this, my understanding of either language developed at a much slower pace. Teachers often warned me about my failing grades and poor listening skills. I was placed in lower-level English classes for all of primary school. 

This having been said, terrified can only describe a fraction of the anxiety I felt upon entering Freshmen English. What’s more, there were rumors illustrating Ms. Doring as a stern teacher who holds high standards for her students.

Though Ms. Doring is indeed a challenging teacher, she does so for the benefit of her students, expecting nothing less than our best efforts. Within the first few months of school, I found myself entirely engaged in her lectures, or rather, her physiological analyses. Her interpretations of the text are always unanticipated yet fascinating and she makes it so by leaving her students curious and asking questions. Ms. Doring is careful never to give away an answer, but instead, has her students share their perspectives. This method of teaching allows students to think for themselves and pay closer attention in order to find hidden connections. I’m often left dumbfounded by her ability to draw the conclusions out of students, who without her guidance, would have remained forever clueless. 

Through her engaging lessons and imitate conversations, Ms. Doring has provided her students with an enlightening experience, educating them to think independently and gain a love for learning. Her encouragement gave me the confidence to share my writing and no longer hesitate to speak up. Thank you, Ms. Doring, for all the knowledge you have shared with your students.