Thank You, Ms. Leahy

Moriah Chang, Josie Chen, and Kali Tam

“Cause baby there ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you babe.” This is the tune that can be heard at chambers every Monday night as the members of AHS’ Constitution Team sway in unison. To many, the song may merely seem as if it’s a boost of confidence, but for the 27 students, it is a symbol of something much greater: the hours of hard work, the mix of anxiety and exhilaration, and the love shared by each and every member, and their coach, mentor, and friend, Ms. Leahy.

One of the most unique qualities that make Ms. Leahy special is the emphasis she places on mental health. Given the pressuring environment of high school where students are constantly worrying about one thing to the next, whether it be about grades or college applications, mental health is becoming an increasingly important topic, making it necessary that attention is paid to ensure each student’s well-being. When Ms. Leahy provides her students with assistance and support through activities like Meditation Monday or Positive Post-it Notes, it can make a huge difference by enabling them to learn in a comfortable environment where they feel that they are valued as a human being. Her genuine care provides a sense of reassurance that allows students to be aware that Ms. Leahy has a kind and understanding perspective, ultimately leading to an improved learning experience.

On top of that, Ms. Leahy also works very hard to coach the Constitution Team. Not only does she ensure the success of the team by attending chambers and taking notes during each unit’s presentation to provide insightful feedback on the following day, but she also does a lot behind the scenes. Ms. Leahy has strategically placed everyone on the team into six units by balancing out each member’s strengths and weaknesses, organized multiple fundraisers to fund the team’s journey from Districts to States competition, taken time out of her busy schedule to find and share resources like articles or video clips that will allow the team to improve on their competition, and routinely given out pep talks to lift up everyone’s morale and spirit.

 It’s safe to say that everyone is all caught up in their own whirlwinds of stress at school. But every day, for 57 minutes during 5th period, Ms. Leahy’s class allows them to take refuge from that storm. So, thank you, Ms. Leahy, for all that you do. Thank you for always warming up the entire room with your bright smile. Thank you for expressing how much you care about our growth both academically and mentally. And thank you for letting no mountain keep you from going above and beyond to support all of us.